Nepal is a small landlocked country. So, air transportation plays a vital role in every aspect, be it transportation. Therefore, having good airports are very important in the case of Nepal. Furthermore, having a good airport facility helps foreign flights to land and helps in welcoming foreigners. And, this country has a unique landscape that helps attract many foreigners.

About 86 % of Nepal’s total land is covered by hills and mountains. Many high altitudes parts of Nepal are remote. Also, road transportation is the most dependable transportation here because of the same reason. Also, because there is no sea in this country. So, water transportation is impossible

Similarly, Ropeways and Railways are not advanced in Nepal. After, road transportation, air transportation has great importance in Nepal. As of right now, there are 34 actively operating Airports in Nepal. Likewise, it has no relation to the sea and oceans. Also, the country is surrounded by huge snowcapped peaks and giant hills. In that case, road transportation is more common in this country.

But, many remote and secluded parts cannot be by road. Therefore, air transportation is gaining more popularity and importance. There are many airports in Nepal. But, some of them are Major Airports in Nepal which plays a vital role in the transportation of the country.

The air transportation facility in this country, also, provides you access to the remote and secluded areas of Nepal. Without much effort and time and at the same time, you would have the most thrilling experience and stunning mountain views. In addition, flying over the wonderful mountain peaks themselves is so beautiful. Watching through the window, you will have the most beautiful scenes and sights from the flight. Additionally, you will get beautiful views of the different lush forests and greenery of Nepal.


Description of Major Airports In Nepal


Altogether, a journey by plane is a lifetime experience you will never forget. For a lot of people, it is a dream come true. Here in this article, we provide some important airports in Nepal that are making travel easy for many years. Also, these airports are the Major Airports in Nepal


Tribhuvan International Airport


Tribhuvan International Airport is the only international airport in Nepal until now. This airport is in Kathmandu. Similarly, this is the first airport in Nepal. Likewise, this airport was built in 1942. Firstly, the name of Kathmandu was Kathmandu Airport. Likewise, after 13 years the airport was renamed Tribhuvan International Airport in 1955.

The airport code of Tribhuwan International Airport is KTM for IATA and VNKT for ICAO set by the officials. Being only the International Airport in Nepal. It is a Major Airport In Nepal which plays a vital role in the International transport of this country.

Tribhuvan International Airport connects Nepal with 17 countries in 40 different destinations. Therefore, it is the busiest airport in Nepal. Kathmandu airport lies at an elevation of 1338 m Similarly, the runway length of Kathmandu airport is 3350 meters and is 45 meters wide. Furthermore, it is the biggest airport and is one of the Major Airports In Nepal.

Furthermore, international airlines such as Air Arabia, Qatar Airways, Air India, Thai Airways, Air China, Jazeera Airways, Etihad Airways, and many more airways operate regular flights to Tribhuwan International airport. The airport runs all year round in all weather conditions despite being the only International Airport.

Moreover, some domestic airlines that run flights to and from Tribhuwan International airport to every corner of the country are Nepal Airlines, Buddha Air, Saurya Airlines, Simrik Airlines, Yeti Airlines, Shree Airlines, and Tara Air, Sita Air, and Summit Air.


Tenzing-Hillary Airport – Lukla Airport


The name of Tenzing-Hillary is the name of a famous person who first successfully did the summit of Mount Everest. And, created a lot of history throughout their lifespan. Similarly, the second name of this airport is Lukla Airport. Lukla Airport is situated in the bustling town of Solukhumbu district of province No. 1.

Importantly, the airport was built in 1964 but the proper runway was not built until 2001. Due, to the geography of the place. Furthermore, the runway length of this Airport is 527 meters. Which is a small runway.

But, even this small runway is suitable for domestic flights. Similarly, the airport codes of Lukla airport are LUA (IATA) and VNLK (IACO). Lukla Airport (Tenzing Hillary Airport) is poured as the most dangerous airport in the world. Apart from a short runway, it has an elevation of about 9500 feet which results in two main problems thin air and lesser landing time. In addition, the landings must be in one go as the airport is surrounded by mountains and peaks.

Lukla Airport only runs domestic flights. Importantly, the airport actively operates scheduled flights to Kathmandu airport. Some airlines that operate flights to and from Lukla are Tara Air, Summit Air, Nepal Airlines, and Sita Air.


Pokhara Airport


Pokhara Airport is the third busiest domestic airport after Lukla Airport and Tribhuvan International Airport. The airport is in the middle of Pokhara valley. The airport was built in 1958 AD. Pokhara airport serves as the main gateway for the visitors heading to pilgrimage sites like Muktinath temple and many trekking trails of the Annapurna region for visitors.

The IACO and IATA codes for Pokhara airport are VNPK and PKR. The airport lies at an elevation of 827 m above sea level. With growing popularity as a tourist spot, the Nepal government has started its massive makeover as an international airport. Similarly, the new runways will be 8200 feet long along with a breadth of 147 feet. Likewise, there will be multiple parallel taxiways. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal is taking all the responsibility for the airport.

Flights to Jomsom, Bharatpur, Kathmandu, Manang, and Bhairahawa are available from Pokhara airport. Additionally, Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Tara Air, Sita Air, Summit Airways, and Simrik Airlines. Nepal Airlines and Shree Airlines regularly operate flights from Pokhara airport to the above-mentioned places in Nepal.


Biratnagar Airport


Biratnagar Airport is one of the most popular airports in Nepal. Similarly, the airport lies in the big city of Kathmandu. Likewise, the main focus of Biratnagar Airport is its 5000 feet by 98 feet asphalt runway and facility for aircraft refueling. Biratnagar Airport is one of the biggest international hubs in Nepal.

Similarly, it is correlated with different Major Airports in Nepal. Therefore, this airport plays a vital role in the overall air transportation of Nepal. In addition, this airport opens your way to different destinations in Nepal.

After its popularity and value to the tourist, the Nepal government had made a to make it a Multi-National airport. Additionally, The IATA and ICAO codes for the Biratnagar Airport are BIR and VNVT. Most importantly it is one of the important airports in Nepal which plays a vital role in the overall development of the tourism sector in Nepal. Furthermore, Buddha Air, Nepal Airlines, Sita Airlines, Yeti Airlines, etc. are the major flights of the Biratnagar Airport.

The Biratnagar Airport is the busiest domestic airport in Nepal. Similarly, the flights of this Airport take you to some of the popular places in Nepal. Likewise, this airport operates in every kind of weather.


Nepalgunj Airport


Nepalgunj airport in Nepalgunj district. And, is one of the Major Airports in Nepal. It is the second-largest airport in Nepal. After Kathmandu in case of air connectivity. Nepalgunj airport runs flights with 16 airports in different areas of Nepal. Similarly, it plays a valuable role to connect the rural hilly, and mountainous areas of the west and far west of Nepal. It contributes significantly to the tourism development of Nepal.

And, as many potential tourist destinations lie in these regions it is important that this airport is in good condition. Furthermore, it serves as the main air gate for Indian devotees to visit the Kailash Manasarovar of Tibet.

Nepalgunj airport lies in the Terai region, at an elevation of 150 meters. The IATA and IACO codes for this airport are KEP and VNNG, respectively. Since, 1961, the airport has been offering its facilities to the people of Nepal. Nepalgunj Airport has a runway with a length of 1505 meters and a width of 30 meters.

Likewise, the airport has a large apron that can operate a variety of large and small domestic planes. Altogether, the airport aims to add additional flights in the future because of its capacity to operate larger aircraft and link to several air routes in Nepal.


Bharatpur Airport


Bharatpur Airport is in the beautiful Chitwan district of Nepal. Similarly, Bharatpur Airport is a Major Airports In Nepal. Which plays a vital role in the tourism development of the country. After Pokhara and Lukla airports, it is a major foreign currency earning domestic airports in Nepal. The airport, located in the Chitwan area, gives different services to nature enthusiasts since its establishment in 1961 AD.

Chitwan is one of the most favorite destinations for the best vacation and enjoying Nature. In addition, the Bharatpur airport gives a high volume of passengers. Because of people’s demand, the airport is developing the number of aircraft and flight services in the country.

The code of Bharatpur Airport for IATA is BHR and for ICAO is VNBP respectively. The airport runs in all weather conditions and is in direct correlation with Pokhara airport and Kathmandu airport. Similarly, this airport puts a huge value on the tourism development of the country. Annually, a lot of visitors who want to visit the charmful city of Chitwan takes this scenic flight.

Furthermore, some of the popular airlines like Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, and Simrik-run active flights to and from Kathmandu and Pokhara. Despite being one of the busy domestic airports of Nepal, just two airlines only operate regular flights to and from Bharatpur airport. And the airlines are Buddha air and Yeti airlines of Nepal.


Jomsom Airport


Jomsom Airport is one of the Major Airports in Nepal. Annually, a lot of native and international visitors go and come via this airport. Furthermore, it is the most dangerous airport in Nepal. Because this airport is at a high altitude. Likewise, this airport is at an altitude of 8900 feet above the Kali Gandaki River canyon.

This airport is very important to the local citizen. Clearly, just because this airport connects Jomsom to the rest of Nepal. Furthermore, this airport is the main gateway to the popular tourist destination of Nepal. Including, Muktinath Temple which is a favorite choice and holy place for both Nepali and Indians.

Jomsom Airport has an asphalt airstrip of 2400 feet long and 66 feet wide. Similarly, The air route to this airport is covered with snow-capped mountain ranges of Nepal. Furthermore, if you travel via this route at the right time of the day, the sun shining and views of the snow-capped mountains will simply amaze you and will be unforgettable to you. The IATA code for this airport is JMO and the ICAO code of this airstrip is VNJS.

In addition, this Airport is famous among those who love to trek and be at the beautiful nature of Nepal. Furthermore, Nepal Airlines, Sita Air, and Tara Air are the most operating flights to this airport.


Bhairahawa Airport


The other name for Bhairahawa Airport is Gautam Buddha Airport. Similarly, this is a Major Airport In Nepal that plays a vital role in the development of Nepal. Most importantly, this is valuable for the tourism sector of Nepal. But, there is a huge construction going on at this airport for the better function of the airport.

Likewise, this is the gateway for many foreign tourists who want to visit Lumbini. Furthermore, after the completion of this airport, this airport will be the second international airport in Nepal.

The IATA and ICAO codes of Bhairawa Airport are BWA and VNBW respectively. Similarly, the main reason for this airport development is it has got an asphalt concrete runway and apron. Likewise, from Bhairahawa airport, flights to Kathmandu and Pokhara airport are in operation regularly.

Buddha Air, Yeti Airlines, Shree Airlines, Nepal Airlines, and Saurya Airlines are some of the airlines that intervene in regular flights to and from Bhairahawa airport. In a year or so, the airport will start running international flights after the construction.


Manthali Airport (Ramechhap Airport)


The Manthali Airport or Ramechhap Airport is situated in the Ramechhap district of Nepal. Similarly, this airport is a Manthali which is the headquarters of the Ramechhap district. Therefore, this airport plays a vital role in the air transportation of Nepal.

Manthali Airport is famous as Ramechhap Airport. The IATA code of Manthali airport is RHP and the ICAO code of the same is VNRC. This airport is gaining popularity as the flights to Lukla are from this airport as these places are important destinations for someone wanting to trek in Nepal. Similarly, this Airport is a Major Airport in Nepal because it helps to attract a lot of foreign tourists to Nepal.

The airport was built in 1979 and was renovated in 2015 by the officials. But, now the airport is one of the busiest domestic airports. Because the number of tourists heading toward Everest is very high starting from Lukla. And the flights must be early in the morning because it is not possible for landing and take off during the afternoon. The harsh gust of wind and poor visibility may increase the chances of accidents while landing.


Dhangadhi Airport


Dangadi Airport is a domestic airport in the Kailali District of Nepal. Similarly, this is one of the oldest Major Airports In Nepal. This airport was built on 6 July 1958. Likewise, after some years this airport will be an international airport of Nepal.

The surface of the runway is asphalt with concrete and has a length of 5000 feet. With an elevation of 600 ft. It is 650 km away from Kathmandu it is a major airport for local people. The IATA and ICAO codes of this Airport are DHI and VNDH respectively.

Similarly, major domestic airlines of Nepal operate daily flights to and from Dhangadhi. In addition, Buddha Air has daily and direct flights from Kathmandu to Dhangadhi. Likewise, from Dhangadhi you can explore and observe further popular places such as Karnali Bridge, Tikapur National Park, and Ghodaghodi Tal.


Phaplu Airport


Phaplu Airport is a domestic airport in the Phaplu village in Solu Dudhkunda at Solukhumbu district in Nepal. This airport is only 280 km away from Kathmandu valley and lies closer to Lukla Airport. And it lies at an elevation of 2413 meters. In addition, you can enjoy an alpine climate all-round the year at this place. The runway is 671 meters in length with a blacktopped surface that was asphalted in 2013.

Likewise, several airlines are flying to and from Kathmandu and Biratnagar. The airport is the second most busy airport after Lukla where different charter flights are available. Furthermore, you can explore destinations near Phaplu which are Renjo Pass, which will add value to your flight. Additionally, you can explore the Halesi Mahadev temple Tengboche Monastery, Sagarmatha National Park, and many more. Furthermore, you can get other beautiful views of the landscape of the place.


Janakpur Airport


Janakpur Airport is a major domestic airport in the Dhanusa district of Nepal. Similarly, it is operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). Likewise, it is 4 km away from Janakpur. In addition, the biggest temple of Nepal ‘Janaki Temple’ lies in Janakpur.

The surface of the runway is tarmac with asphalt and has a length of 4000 feet. And, with an elevation of 256 ft. Similarly, it is 200 km away from Kathmandu. Furthermore, the IATA and ICAO codes for Janakpur Airport are JKR and VNJP.

Major domestic airlines of Nepal operate daily flights to and from Janakpur. Likewise, Buddha Air has direct and daily flights from Kathmandu to Janakpur. Similarly, the nearest location you can travel to from Janakpur is Jaleshwor and Dhanusha Dham which is popular. Also, these places are famous for their cultural importance.


Chandragiri Airport (Bhadrapur Airport)


The other name for Chandragadi Airport is Bhadrapur Airport. Similarly, this is one of the oldest and Major Airports in Nepal. And this airport is in the Jhapa district of Nepal. So, if you want to visit Jhapa and if you decide to take a flight then you will get to see the beautiful landscape of the place.

Similarly, it is only 4-5 km away from the city center of Bhadrapur. Additionally, Bhadrapur is the oldest municipality in Nepal. Furthermore, it is the closest city to Bhadrapur is Ilam which is the tea city of Nepal.

The airport was built in 1963 with a surface of asphalt and a length of 5000 ft. Similarly, it is at an elevation of 300 feet and is 450 km away from, Kathmandu. Likewise, domestic airlines operate daily flights to Bhadrapur. Most importantly, Bhadrapur is the major entry point for trekkers visiting Mt Kanchenjunga, the third tallest mountain in the world. Similarly, you can visit Makalu Barun National Park and Siliguri on your visit here.


Talcha Airport (Rara Lake, Mugu)


The Talcha airport is the most remote airport in Nepal. Talcha airport in Mugu district is one of the most visually pleasing airports globally and, the world’s scariest airport at the same time due, to its structure of the airport. The airport lies at a height of 2720 meters above sea level on a hilltop in Nepal. Because of its complex setting, taking off and landing are challenging and troublesome. Furthermore, this domestic airport has been serving people since 2003, and it is widely famous for getting to Rara Lake at the earliest.

Therefore, many people refer to Talcha Airport as Rara Airport. Moreover, the airport has one runway of length 570 meters and 20 meters wide. The airport codes for this airport are THL for IATA and VNRR for IACO. Summit Air, Tara Air, Sita Air, and Nepal Airlines regularly operate flights to Talca airport from Nepalgunj, the only connected airport to the place.


Juphal Airport (Dolpa Airport)


Juphal Airport or Dolpa Airport is in the beautiful Dolpa district of Nepal. Similarly, it is a gateway to several traveling destinations. For Example, Dolpa Airport is the one and only gateway to Shey Phoksundo Lake and Shey Phoksundo National Park. Likewise, it is the gateway to many trekking destinations in the Dolpo Region. Jupal Airport, similar to any other airport in Nepal, has a single airstrip. Dolpa Airport runway is about 560 m long and 20 m wide. The airport codes for Jupal Airport are DOP (IATA) and VNDP (IACO). In addition, the parking capacity of Jupal Airport is two DHC6 types of planes, and its apron size is 2400 square meters. Sita Air, Nepal Airlines, Tara Air, and Summit Air are the only airlines that operate their flights to Dolpo Airport.


Tumlingtar Airport


Tumlingtar Airport is a major domestic airport in the Sankhuwasabha district of Nepal. Similarly, Tumlingtar is the deepest valley in Nepal between Arun and Sabha Rivers.

Importantly, Tumlingtar Airport was established on 1 October 1972 and from then it is providing its services to the people. Similarly, the surface of the runway is surface with asphalt and has a length of 4001 feet. With an elevation of 1315 ft, it is 500 km away from Kathmandu it is a Major Airport in Nepal. The IATA and ICAO codes for Tumlingtar Airport are TMI and VNVT respectively which are important for any flight.

Different domestic airlines of Nepal run daily flights to Tumlingtar. And, Buddha Air has daily and direct flights from Kathmandu and Biratnagar to Tumlingtar. Similarly, it is the main gateway to Makalu Trek. You can visit Makalu Barun National Park during this unforgettable trek the place.

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