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About Us

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About Our Company

Unique Path Trekking operates over 150 trekking and tour holiday listings that begin in Nepal and go across the borders into Tibet and Bhutan. This includes: 4 season outdoor breaks, cultural tours, historical excursions, classic countryside walks, treks on off-the-beat-trails, go-wild river rafting, kayaking, remote wilderness treks, overland tours, visiting exclusive heritage sites, thrilling mountain bike tours, spiritual tours, cozy home stays, practical volunteer programs, unique jungle safaris, all domestic and international ticketing services, yoga with meditation, spa therapies and reliable transportation services throughout the Himalayas.

We charge only what the service demands. There are no hidden costs and we work with any level of tourists. We know our clients range from back packers to professional climbers. We become as much flexible as our clients are.

Unique Path Treks and Expedition warmly invites you to Nepal, a land of wild mountains, rivers and forests. This is an invitation to a world you are probably not been familiar with a part of the world you most likely weren’t aware off a world that ensures your freedom you are virtually born free hereabouts as free as the rolling green glens as free as the wind blows across the mighty Himalayas of lovely Nepal. With Unique Path Trekking, there’s never a dull moment. You need to be here to experience it.

Unique Path Trekking & Expedition makes your tour and trekking in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet very lively and pleasantly memorable. We know how to take you through proper routes. Unique Path Trekking is solely a Nepali-owned company and has been in the adventure tourism business for more than two decades. Tourists and our fellow entrepreneurs call us professionals.

Since 1998, we have moved ahead and developed professionalism in adventure tourism in Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet. With great efforts, we gathered information and skills, located human and natural as well as cultural resources to make your adventure spectacular and uniquely personal.

To be frank, we have learned and grown up as a team of professionals because of the tourists and trekkers we have dealt with over the years. They have moved us ahead, made us more creative and motivated us to keep on exploring innovative ways. During the years, we have come to realise the significance of travel in the life of tourists in Nepal. Tourists fly all the way from Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and other Asian countries like Japan, singapore and many more to Nepal and want to use their holiday or free time to refresh and reenergize themselves. Himalayas, and rivers, mountains and valley, birds and wild animals, flora and fauna are important things to experience. But we believe that equally important are the people who take you there and show you the beauty of this land and its people. This is the secret of our success.

We are here to assist as well as guide our clients. Over the years, we have learned that tourists and trekkers enjoy freedom. Perhaps they would like to stay a few more minutes or in some cases even a few more hours in some especially pleasant place. We understand why they do so. That’s why we don’t enforce any timetable.

We know that most of the trekkers and tourists to Nepal come from metropolitan cities of the first world. They prefer to see naturally splendid places. They love to experience indigenous food and life styles. We understand this spirit, and to fulfill their desire we take care of hygiene of the food and health of our clients.

That’s why we take you through remote corner of the Himalayas and to the lonely village of indigenous people. With us, you will find people from indigenous communities who will serve you an organic meal. Since we take you through Sherpa and other indigenous communities, perhaps you may even get chance to ride a yak.

On top of that, we hire porters and guides who are born in the place you want to visit. This allows you to know and experience local people, their culture and natural surroundings through an authentic channel. We arrange trekking and tour guides in such a way that you enjoy everything offered by the destination. You trust on their knowledge and skills. They know how to take you through the quiet and naturally splendid lanes and to the village of peaceful, loving people. This is the way you can meet and chat with locals and cherish the moment.

We are proud of our trekking and peak climbing crews. They aren’t only professionals but are also a friendly bunch of people. Time and again they have put their life at stake to save their clients. They never hesitate to face all kinds of dangers to save your life. They know how to manage unpredictable situations. They are better human beings.

We guarantee you that our guides and porters are professionals. Trained by the Nepal Mountaineering association and the Ministry of Tourism and High Altitude Medical Training Center, they know how to take tourists through high altitude.

We also practice ethical tourism. We know that the world is getting more polluted every day. The best thing we can do is to stop polluting the areas where we take our clients. Our motto is to protect the ecosystems. That’s why we train our porters and guides to take care of the nature and follow the norms of the International Porters Protection Group. As part of this agenda, we suggest you do not use campfires. We have trained our porters and guides to avoid wood-fueled hot showers in lodges. We have been designing trips in such a way that locals get maximum benefit from the tour package we offer and run for you. “Give Something Back” to the local folks; ‘Practical Tourism’’; “Keep the Mountains Clean”; “Give back to the Community’’ are some of our slogans.

The perception behind our Practical Tourism initiative is grounded on the culture of “travel with a purpose”. This is made up of small group adventures, each about ten days in length, wherein members commit four to five days of their holiday to making a difference to a community in need.

There are several other trekking and tour companies in Nepal that claim to be the best or the most professional: an easy claim to make. We heartily invite you to put our claim to the test, for we feel that our hard work, diligence, and attentiveness to our clients’ desires has put us among the best trekking and tour operator in the business.

Let us design your holiday with your special interests and needs in mind, whether those interests are in trekking, mountain climbing, wild life safari, river rafting, bird watching, historical places of Nepal, or a tour of Tibet and Bhutan. We heartily welcome all of you to join us for a memorable & wonderful adventure.