Best Annapurna Trek -18 Days

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Annapurna Trekking is one of the unique and dramatic combinations loaded with exciting adventure with three scenic and wonderful areas of the Southern Annapurna Himalaya range where leads walk to daily views of the mighty peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himal.

Trip Duration 18 Days
Max Altitude 4620m/ 15153ft
Group Size 1-15
ARRIVAL ON Kathmandu Nepal
DEPARTURE FROM Kathmandu Nepal

 Highlights of Best Annapurna Trekking

  • Adventure on scenic hills and the valley of Southern Annapurna Himalaya with glorious views
  • Great combination of treks with Khayar Lake, Annapurna base camp, and hidden Mardi Himal
  • Enjoy a walk from mainstream trails to hidden pockets on off-the-beaten tracks into the wilderness
  • Explore traditional Gurung and Magar farm villages of great interest with age-old custom
  • In remote and isolated pristine environments to the holy Lake of Khayar and at Mardi Himal areas
  • Stunning sunrise views from Pun Hill to scenic Annapurna sanctuary and base camp
  • From low warm climate to cool alpine forests and towards the arctic zone of ice and glaciers

Trip Overview

Annapurna Trekking is one of the unique and dramatic combinations loaded with exciting adventure with three scenic and wonderful areas of the Southern Annapurna Himalaya range where leads walk to daily views of the mighty peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himal.

Truly a great fascinating adventure of a lifetime experience where you will be walking from low warm paddy fields to cool alpine woodland of tall rhododendron-oaks-magnolia and pine trees in spring the area will be magic in flowering season turning the whole hills and valley colorful with wild rhododendron (national flower of Nepal) in full bloom.

Ghorepani and Kopra ridge areas are regarded as the world’s largest natural garden with native rhododendrons, awesome walks to Pun Hill for stunning sunrise views over an array of peaks, and then into off-the-beaten trails to the holy lake of Khayar, where few trekkers often visit this hidden area, a great opportunity for trekkers to visit some of the remote and isolated areas of Annapurna region.

Our adventure begins from beautiful Pokhara city and its scenic valley heading first to Mardi Himal areas located beneath towering Machhapuchare South Face ‘Fish Tail’ peak, and then into main trekking routes to picturesque Annapurna sanctuary enclosed within high peaks to reach Annapurna Base Camp with mind-blowing scenery of great mighty mountains.

From the Annapurna base camp, the walk leads towards hidden areas around the remote adventure destination at Khyar lake, regarded as holy fed from the glaciers of snowcapped peaks, and then heading into main trekking trails at Ghorepani and Pun Hill for alluring and stunning views of the sunrise over a range of mountains before heading back to Pokhara.
Our marvelous and overwhelming journey completes at scenic Pokhara, a great combination of a lifetime adventure for you to experience in our Best Annapurna Trekking destinations.



Day 01 Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to a hotel.
Max Altitude: 1345m/4412ft
Accommodation: 3 stars level hotel

On arrival at Kathmandu international airport, received by our Unique Path Trek staff and guides with warm greetings and then transfer to your hotel in the heart of Kathmandu.

After checking into your lovely rooms and getting refreshed, our guide or tour escort will brief you regarding your trek Best of Annapurna Himalaya Trekking and a pleasant stay in Nepal providing you with the necessary information to make the trip more enjoyable.

Day 02 Fly to Pokhara 950m -25 mins flight and drive to Kande and trek to Forest Camp 2,520m - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: (2520m/8265ft)
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

A great scenic morning flight from Kathmandu to popular and beautiful touristic spot at Pokhara, where our guide and staff transfer you for the exciting short drive to start the trek further west from Pokhara heading valley towards high green hills with an hour drive to reach Kande, on drive facing scenic views of Annapurna range of peaks with magnificent Machhapuchare Himal ‘Fish Tail’.

On reaching our starting point of the trek at a small village at Kande located on Pokhara and Beni highway, where walk leads uphill past farmhouses and well-tended terrace fields to reach into the shade of forest as our route leads to a scenic view spot on a large pasture and meadow known as Australian Camp or Thulo Kharka (cattle grazing field and Sheppard’s shelter).

Herewith refreshing stop marvel at the panoramas of Annapurna-Manaslu and Dhaulagiri peaks with Machhapuchare ‘Fish Tail’. After a nice stop downhill into the cool shade of woodland and then with short up to Potana village with grand views of peaks, the walk continues as our route leads uphill into the forest of rhododendron and pine tree to reach Pitam Deurali.

From this scenic spot enjoy views of mountains and green landscapes and then continue walk heading into deeply forested areas with a slow climb to reach Kokar Forest Camp, a place with few good basic lodges facing views of beautiful mountains.

Day 03 Trek to High Camp 3,700 m - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 3700m/12136ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

With a peaceful overnight stop and waking up facing views within lovely woodland, the morning walk leads up higher with some steep climb to reach a grazing pasture land for an overnight stop at a place called Low Camp which is on route journey to Mardi base camp.

From Forest or Low Camp with the sound of nature and birds call, starting our adventure with more climbs facing marvelous views of Annapurna and Machhapuchare peaks, as walk leads within the forested surrounding and then reaching an exposed open area at High Camp on route Mardi Base Camp.

After a good day’s walk where tree lines drop for short rhododendron and alpine shrubs facing an incredible panorama of Annapurna Himalaya.

Day 04 Hike to Mardi Himal base camp at (4,500m/14760ft), and back to High camp
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 3700m/12136ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

A day to explore this scenic and beautiful high country where a day hike leads you to the highest point of the adventure at Mardi base camp above 4,500 m with mind-blowing views of Annapurna Himalayan range of peaks with rocky and ice-covered Mardi Himal including Fish Tail peak, after a scenic and marvelous day hike return to High Camp for the overnight stop.

Day 05 Trek to Landruk via route past Low Camp - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 1460m/ 4788ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

Enjoying fabulous time with amazing views from high hills and ridges of Mardi Himal, morning walk heading back to lower hills to reach Landruk village where our route leads into the forest of rhododendron and pines trees, as trek leads on the same trail to Jungle Camp and beyond where walk leads to long descend to reach on the base of the high hill at Landruk for an overnight stop.

Day 06 Trek to Sinwa danda 2,360 m via Chomrong 1,951 m via Jhinu village - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 2360m/ 7740ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

After catching the views of magnificent Annapurna South and Huinchuli peaks, a walk leads to a short descent into farming areas and then crossing a bridge over Modi River to reach New Bridge a small village.

From here uphill on stone steps to Jhinu Danda and its village, as our journey continues higher up at the ridge and then downhill to a large Gurung village at Chomrong for a possible lunch stop. With a refreshing stop walk downhill to Chomrong River and climb for a few hours to reach a ridge top at Sinwa danda with a few simple good lodges for an overnight stop.

Day 07 Trek to Deurali 3,100 m - 5 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 3100m/ 10168f
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

From this isolated spot, walk leads into the cool shade of forest till on a winding path and then descend to Bamboo, a place with a number of Lodges by the Modi River within the bamboo forest. After short rest, the walk carries on gradually up to Dovan in the middle of forest within Modi River gorge, from here on air gets cooler and fresher entering towards Annapurna Sanctuary and Base Camp, walk leads with gentle ups to Himalaya Hotel near Hinko large Cave, right beneath of Hiunchuli peak. From here walk on old glacier and moraine from a past avalanche, after crossing a small bridge short climb to reach Deurali for overnight stop, the last lodge before Machhapuchare Base Camp and Annapurna base camp.

Day 08 Trek to Annapurna base camp 4,130 m -05 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 4130m/ 13546ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

Morning walk today leads to another highlight of the adventure at Annapurna base camp within a scenic sanctuary enclosed by an array of giant peaks.

From here on green vegetation and tree lines fade as our route leads to a climb following the Modi river upstream, as the walk gets better in some places than with a short steep up to Machhapuchare Base Camp a great spot beneath Mt. Machhapuchare North Face, from here onwards within the Annapurna Sanctuary.

After Machhapuchare Base Camp, walk for short while to Annapurna base camp, walk uphill to reach higher ground near Annapurna Base Camp, facing stunning views of Annapurna peaks that circles the sanctuary with Annapurna I.

After a pleasant walk reaching Annapurna Base Camp within a magnificent spot that houses a few large lodges, offering a tremendous scenery of snow-capped peaks that encircle this lovely spot at base camp, afternoon at leisure to enjoy the mountain views.

Annapurna area was first explored by the British Adventure Col. James O.M. ‘Jimmy’ Roberts in the year 1956 and exposed to the world as the ‘Sanctuary of Gods’. The Sanctuary has been christened “Annapurna Sanctuary” ever since.

Day 09 Trek back to Sinwa danda - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 2360m/ 7740ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

Catching morning super panorama of peaks and then heading back on the same downhill trails back into woodland and green vegetation, after being in arctic terrain of ice and glaciers as walk proceeds towards the Bamboo place.

From here with a short steep up and on a winding gradual path back at Sinwa danda for an overnight stop after a long, good walk of the day.

Day 10 Trek to Tadapani 2,685 m - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 2685m/ 8806ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

From Sinwa walk downhill to a river with uphill to Chomrong village top ridge, where our route diverts heading near to Kimrong valley, where walk leads past Gurjong village and then uphill into forested areas with some steep climb to reach Tadapani hilltop located within the forest surrounding with grand views of Annapurna peaks.

Day 11 Trek to Chistibung 3, 200 m - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 3200m/ 10496ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

After a nice overnight stop at Tadapani morning walk leads away from the main trekking route of Ghorepani, where our trek leads into pure wilderness walking high into deep forested woods of rhododendron-magnolia-oaks and pine trees.

As walk progress into tranquil areas away from human settlement and farm village to reach an open field called Do-Bato (Midway of two paths) with fantastic views of the Annapurna Himalaya range within beautiful, forested surroundings.

From here after a nice break, walk continues heading a little higher to a ridge, then on narrow the trail for a short while to reach our overnight stop in another remote and isolated spot at Bhaise

With refreshing break carry on walk for another few hours into rhododendron and bamboo forest, then a slow climb into woodlands following the route to Kopra ridge, walk leads by a small stream then with an uphill through meadow and summer pastures to Chistebung for overnight stop, a small place with few small huts serving as tea-houses.

Day 12 Trek to Kopra Ridge 4,020 m - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 4020m/ 13185ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

Starting morning walk on off beaten tracks heading north into rhododendron and bamboo forest, then a slow climb into woodlands following the route to Kopra ridge for few hours to our destination at Kopra ridge, as altitude gains slowly after leaving the tree lines for short alpine bushes and shrubs, then walking high at Kopra ridge for overnight stop with grand views of Mt. Dhaulagiri, Vara Shikar (Annapurna Fang), Annapurna South which towers high from this scenic spot.

Day 13 Trek to Khayar Lake (4,620m/15153ft) and return to Kopra ridge - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 4020m/ 13185ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

Morning walk leads to our final destination at Khayar Lake, located at 4,620m/ 15153ft. A scenic hike to reach the holy glacial pond of Khayar, a local pilgrimage spot where religious festivals are held annually in the auspicious month of August as per the Hindu Lunar calendar.

Villagers from the nearby hills and valleys assemble here to worship Lord Shiva and bathe in the icy lake, where villagers sacrifice sheep and goats to natural mountain spirits with prayer.

Enjoy the scenic surroundings enclosed within the high peaks of Vara-Shakar and Annapurna South and then head back to Khopra Ridge for an overnight stop.

Day 14 Trek to Swata village 2,277 m - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 2277m/ 7468ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

From here an easy walk with long descent past Chistibung and into forested areas after crossing a few streams on a gradual winding path to reach back into farm villages at Swata village, populated by Pun Magar tribe of the areas facing views of the Dhaulagiri range.

Day 15 Trek to Ghorepani 2,860 m - 05 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 2860m/ 9380ft
Accommodation: Hotel/Tea house

After being in the complete wilderness within hidden pockets of Annapurna Himalaya today’s walk leads back on the main trekking trails after reaching Chitre villages with fabulous views of Dhaulagiri, from here a slow steady climb into rhododendron forest to reach a high ridge at

Ghorepani is one of the most popular villages due to its scenic views of Poon Hill.

Day 16 Hike to Pun Hill 3,210 m and downhill to Tikedhunga then drive to Pokhara by Jeep – 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 900m/ 2952ft
Accommodation: 3 stars level hotel

Early morning hike from Ghorepani to Pun Hill taking less than an hour where the hilltop stands at 3,210 m offering stunning sunrise views over the world’s three highest mountain range Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manaslu with majestic virgin Machhapuchare Himal, enjoying the glorious panorama of more than 360-degree angle views of peaks then downhill to Ghorepani.

After breakfast enjoyable walk into pleasant woodland of rhododendron and then downhill from Ulleri village to reach at Tikhedhunga with views of waterfalls, where walk descends into more farm villages and into warmer temperatures then continue drive to Pokhara buy Jeep.

Day 18 Drive back to Kathmandu - 06 hrs.
Meal: Breakfast/ Lunch/Dinner
Max Altitude: 1345m/4412ft
Accommodation: 3 stars level Hotel

Depending upon road conditions where morning last day walk leads for short while and then reaching the road head for the drive to Pokhara, where the journey leads the following winding uphill road to Kande past farm villages and fields to reach Pokhara from here on the main highway to reach Kathmandu.

After a marvelous and exciting time with a fabulous and scenic drive back into hustle and bustle city life of Kathmandu, and then transfer to your respective hotels after a great wonderful journey and adventure on Best of Annapurna Himalaya Trekking.

Day 18 Departure from Nepal.
Meal: Breakfast

Last day in the country of fascinating colorful culture and mountain panorama, as per your international or connecting flight transfer to Kathmandu international airport for the journey back home.

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    What to expect?

    Price Includes

    • All the ground transportation as per itinerary.
    • 3 star Hotel in Kathmandu and Pokhara with breakfast at 3 stars level.
    • Domestic flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara
    • Meals 3 times a day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trekking and Pokhara for you. (Sample of Trekking Menu)
    • Seasonal local fresh fruits as available.
    • Filtered water in trekking using (Katadyn Pocket Water Filter)
    • Twin sharing comfortable private room in trekking.
    • Annapurna trekking Map.
    • First aid medical kit, Ox meter to check pulse, heart rate and oxygen saturation at higher altitude.
    • Token of trip achievement award certificate as a Souvenir. (Sample of Certificate)
    • An experienced, knowledgeable English Speaking Government license holder trekking guide and strong porter (1 porter for 2 people).
    • Food, drinks, accommodation, insurance, salary, equipment, transportation, and local tax for Guide and porter.
    • Four season sleeping bag and down jackets to use for trekking, if necessary.
    • All necessary officially paper works and Annapurna conservation entry permits.
    • TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System).
    • Travel & Rescue arrangement which will be paid by your insurance company.
    • Farewell dinner in kathmandu.
    • All our government taxes, vat, local tax, tourist service charges.

    Price Excludes

    • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu ( Expect farewell dinner in Kathmandu)
    • All kinds of drinks in the mountain (hot, cold and alcoholic).
    • Your Personal equipment.
    • Entry fee while sightseeing in kathmandu.
    • Travel and rescue insurance.
    • Extra personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, laundry, shower, excess baggage charges)
    • Tips for trekking staff and driver (Tipping is expected).
    • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on ‘Price Includes’ section.

    Trip Info

    The trip starts with your arrival in Kathmandu. Similarly, after one arrives in Kathmandu they can do a Valley tour and rest in a comfortable 3-star hotel afterward. Furthermore, the trip continues with the flight to Pokhara and drive to Kande, and trek to Forest Camp 2,520 m via Deurali 2,100m. Likewise, after that trek to High Camp.

    Similarly, after reaching there will be a free day at High Camp for the hike to Mardi Himal base camp. Then after that, we trek to Landruk. Likewise, the trip continues to Sinwa danda 2,360 m via Chomrong 1,951 m via Jhinu village. From there the trek continues to Deurali. Similarly, After that trek to Annapurna Base Camp then to Sinwa danda, Tadapani, Chistibung, and Kopra Ridge 4,020 m via Chistibung. Likewise, after that trek to Khayar Lake 4,620 m and return to Kopra ridge. Then, trek to Swata village and Ghorepani. From there Hike to Poon Hill 3,210 m and downhill to Bhirethati 1,100m.

    Then after that drive back to Kathmandu via Pokhara. And, depart from Kathmandu for an international flight homeward bound.


    We do recommend following equipment's for trekking and Hiking in Nepal.

    • Sun hat
    • Scarf
    • Light balaclava
    • Warm wool hat
    • UV protection one Sunglasses
    • Head torch with extra batteries.

    • Tshirts
    • Shirts
    • Sleeveless or body warmer type fleece.
    • Long sleeve shirts
    • Thermal Vest
    • Down Jacket
    • Fleece Jacket
    • Pullover
    • Sports bras (women)
    • Waterproof outer jacket
    • Rain Coat
    • Hand wear
    • Fleece gloves.
    • Warms mittens or gloves.

    • Long Under Wear
    • Short Under Wear
    • Lightweight Cotton Long Pants
    • Warm Trousers
    • Tracksuit pants
    • Lightweight thermal trouser
    • Fleece pants
    • Cotton paints

    • Thin inner socks
    • Thick warm wool hiking socks
    • Walking boots with ankle support
    • Trainers or trail shoes
    • Gaiters
    • Micro spikes

    • Camera and Accessories
    • Phone
    • Power Bank
    • Solar Panel
    • Travel Adapter

    • Book
    • Playing Cards/Games
    • Journal and Pen
    • Snacks and Specialist Food

    • Sunscreen
    • Insect Repellent
    • Hand Sanitizer
    • Toilet Paper
    • Wet Wipes
    • Pocket Hand Warmers
    • Moisturizing skin cream and Lip balm
    • Toiletries
    • Water purifier
    • First Aid

    • Passport and Copy
    • Travel Insurance Details
    • Trekking Permit(s)
    • Waterproof Document Wallet
    • Cash

    • Guide will take a group first aid kit but please bring personal medications and other items you might use regularly such as
    • Any personal medications
    • Malaria prophylactic tablets
    • Blister treatment
    • Rehydration powder
    • Analgesics (Paracetamol, ibuprofen and aspirin)
    • Plasters and zinc oxide tape
    • Throat lozenges
    • Diamox

    • Duffel Bag or Suitcase
    • Day pack
    • Sleeping bag
    • Water bottle
    • Trekking poles
    • Towel

    Valuable information

    Q. Do you provide any gears for trekking?

    A. Yes, we do provide roughly 65 liters one duffel bag, sleeping bag and down jacket to use for trekking without extra charge, if you do not have.

    Q. Can I rent or buy gears in Kathmandu?

    A. You can buy or rent trekking boots and rest of the gears, you need to need to buy.

    Q. How much weight does porter carries?

    A. We do provide one porter between 2 trekkers. One porter carries 25 to 30 kg respectively.

    Q. How much weight does airplane allow to Lukla?

    A. Twin Otter and Dornier planes are the primary mode of transport to and from the airstrip at Lukla. It allows 15kg per passenger, including had bag.

    Q. Can I take some more gears for paying extra charge?

    A. It is hard but some time, they do allow 2 to 3 kg with paying extra charge US$ 2 per kg

    Q. When Should I pack my gears?

    A. You will have pre-trip meeting in Kathmandu that night you pack trekking gears.

    Q. What equipment should I carry at Daypack?

    A. Most of our day packs have a capacity of roughly 20 to 24 liters. You need to carry only day use things like water bottle, light jackets, some extra shocks, sun hat, sunglasses, raincoat, light glove, scarf, toilet paper, and small towel, camera, some personal medical, Sunscreen, Passport, money, camera, trekking poles and some snacks. Rest of the gears will be carried by porter.

    Q. Can I store suitcase and other unnecessary gears in hotel in Kathmandu or at your office?

    A. Yes, you can store either at the hotel in Kathmandu or at our office without extra charge.


    Travel insurance is compulsory for all Clients undertaking any tour. It should provide adequate protection for the full duration of the tour to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, helicopter evacuation, loss of luggage, etc. For your kind information, we would like to give a list of the insurance companies, please inquire with them.

    •  USA and Canada: Tugo, United Health Care, World Nomad, Blue Cross
    • Australia and New Zealand: Fast Cover, Allianz Australia
    • Singapore: Ergo, World Nomad (Explore plan level 3)
    • Europe: Europe Assistance, Austrian Alpine Club, Allianz Europe
    • India: ICICI Lombard

    Map & Elevation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    The best time to do the Best Annapurna Trek is during the spring and autumn seasons. Similarly, this is a long trek. So, you should be very careful while choosing the right time for the trek. During the spring and autumn season, the weather is pleasant and warm so you can travel in the clear sky enjoying the beautiful view of the surroundings.

    Furthermore, you can enjoy the biggest festivals of the country Dashain and Tihar as this time is the festive season in the country. Additionally, traveling to Nepal during this time of the year will make you knowledgeable about the culture and tradition of the place. Moreover, you can also explore different other festivals of the country.

    The Best Annapurna Trek is long. So, it is obvious that it will be a little challenging to complete. Similarly, it is a moderate level trek and it might get a little challenging for new and beginner trekkers. Furthermore, this trek is done at a very high altitude so, there is always a chance that you might fall victim to altitude sickness.

    Also, if you travel here during the on seasons then you will find it difficult to book suitable accommodation facilities and the trails are also crowded. Furthermore, if you travel here during the off-season then the weather and climate might also affect your visit. Because this time is not suitable for the visit.

    This trek is suitable for any person who is physically fit. It’s not a problem even if you don’t have any previous experience of trekking. You can make this route a starting point of adventure in your life. But please be sure that you take some physical fitness exercises such as running, swimming, hiking, etc. before you decide to embark on your journey this route. Please also note that it is natural that sometimes you may feel discomfort before you acclimatize yourself.

    This means you need to begin some kind of training at least two to three months before you depart for this trek. It is recommended that you take an hour of aerobic exercise 3 to 4 times per week to enjoy the height and the climate of this route to make your experience wonderful and memorable.

    While you stay in Kathmandu, we offer you accommodation in a hotel of two to three stars as part of our BB plan. Similarly, while you are in your trekking you offer you accommodation in the teahouse (mountain lodge) as part of our AP plan (accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner). We would like to inform you that teahouses (mountain lodges) are more like hotels. They offer hot showers, western food, and private rooms (twin sharing).

    As part of this plan, you will be served overnight halts with dinner and breakfast in teahouses (lodges), and lunches in local restaurants en-route. With it, you will be able to truly experience Nepali cultures and lifestyles.

    Altitude sickness is a common problem during the Best Annapurna Trek. Therefore, you should drink a sufficient amount of water and acclimatize yourself from time to time.

    Food Prices differ from place to place. But, it usually costs USD 25 for lunch, dinner, and breakfast at the Best Annapurna trek.

    You usually walk about 5-6 hours on most of your trek days. The walks must be slow and
    Steady during the Best Annapurna trek.

    It is not a good decision to carry your children with you to the Best Annapurna Trek but, exceptions are made if they are old enough then you can take them with you following necessary protocols and rules during this trek.

    Usually, the walking trail is not crowded but it is mostly jam-packed with travelers during the peak trekking and climbing seasons on the Best Annapurna Trek.

    It is possible to charge your phones and batteries in the tea houses and lodges during your trip to Best Annapurna Trek but they might charge you some money.

    Big cities like Kathmandu and Pokhara have lots of trekking stores where you can buy any type of gear. There are also dedicated stores in Kathmandu that only rent gear required for the trekking at a very reasonable price and are of good quality.

    Your backpack should only have your necessary gear and your important documents. Eg camera, battery, identification cards, passport, permits, cell phone. If you feel you need something that comes in handy while trekking you can take it with you on the Best Annapurna Trek.

    Most of the trekking routes you follow provide you with modern communication facilities. Telephones and Internet services are available in almost all trekking areas in Nepal. Needless to say, electricity facilities too are available in almost all trekking areas. Please remember to bring Two and Three-pin travel adapters with you. In case you forget, just ask our guide. They will take you to the supermarkets or electronic shops in Kathmandu.

    Depending on the itinerary you choose, the Best Annapurna Trek is about 20-25 days. During this trip, you start from Kathmandu and end it in Ghorepani.

    The safety and security of the visitors are a top priority to any travel company. So, you don’t have to worry about a single thing during the Best Annapurna Trek.


    EXCELLENT rating
    Based on 26 reviews
    Unique path trekking company has excellent staff on ground to make the trekking experience very enjoyable and memorable. The guide and porters go out of their way to make each and every member of the team feel safe and secured. Mr Babu the founder owner of the company is very responsive and is able to assist every member of the team with their individual needs. I would recommend engaging Unique Path for Himalaya trekking.
    Sandeep Dasgupta
    Sandeep Dasgupta
    I like trekking with Unique Path, the guides of this company many times made my way comfortable and safe. I traveled with them to Lobuche, Mera, Island and other places solo and in the groups with my friends. Unique Path is a reliable partner and I plan to trek with them again in Langtang region this autumn.
    Andrey Oktyabrev
    Andrey Oktyabrev
    I have used Unique Path three times and each time the team were all helpful, friendly and informative. Every aspect of our trip to Nepal was taken care of - Pick up at the airport to take us to our hotel. Next day the excitement of getting our trekking details and depending on the trip setting out with our guide and porter. My husband and I prefer to hike on our own, so we did no group options. Our itinerary was always followed exactly. When I go hiking in Nepal this company is my first point of contact. They are a great team and are totally recommended by me and my husband.
    Sylvia Schillings
    Sylvia Schillings
    Unique Path is a great choice for anyone who wants to explore the Himalayas. My wife and I made several treks with Unique Path to Manaslu, Kangchenjunga, Tilicho Lake, and Mustang. It goes without saying, that the scenery in Nepal is stunning. Lots of opportunity to learn about the culture and religion and traditions of Nepal. The people we met along the way were engaging and wonderful. Unique Path's staff was fantastic throughout all the trips. They were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. They arranged everything from transportation to accommodation to food. They also provided all the necessary equipment and guidance and handled all the permit applications. I highly recommend Unique Path trekking to anyone who loves adventure and nature. These were once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I will never forget. I am available as a reference. David
    DaveBessie Parsnick
    DaveBessie Parsnick
    I have yet to conclude this trip due to the Pandemic but Babu's response and tour guide plan has been exemplary - I cannot wait to make the trip!
    Rachel Glaysher
    Rachel Glaysher
    Myself and 2 buddies hired Unique Path Trekking to coordinate an EBC trek back in 2014. We couldn't have been more happy with the results...Everything went flawlessly and we had the adventure of a lifetime. Babu and his staff / guides / porters were top-notch and I highly recommend them to anyone who may be reading this.
    Marc Ferrari
    Marc Ferrari
    As with all treks, there will be unforeseen circumstances and you’re always beholden to nature. So you want a guide and an agency that is not only experienced enough but also sensitive and quick to changes on ground. I am very grateful for the deep experience that our guide, Dambar had. He made us feel safe and constantly had everything under control despite the weather and some early sickness some of us had. Coupled with his sharp wit and deep knowledge, this became such an enjoyable climb that was filled with priceless stories that I can’t wait to tell the kids about. The porters too were a lively bunch that ultimately became friends and we shared lots of fun moments on the mountain together. Babu ensured that our arrivals, arrangements and any administrative hassles were smooth and out of our minds so we could focus on the climb ahead. Thank you Unique Path trekking & expedition. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a great time while knowing you’re in safe hands!
    Josiah Ng
    Josiah Ng
    We were very fortunate to have Unique Path Trekking for our EBC with 3 Himalaya passes expedition, we were so happy/satisfied with Unique Path trekking. Babu ( owner of Unique Path Trekking) is so kind, knowledgeable and mellow personality so does their staff ( all guides and porters ). We had great time during this expedition in terms of lodging/food. We had large group ( ~ 18 ppl ) and believe or not no one had any single complain of food. Their guides and porters are so knowledgeable, smart, humorous made our entire expedition lots of fun. They take care of us with positive attitudes with smiley face in entire trip. I definitely recommend Unique Path Trekking for any expedition in Himalaya ( we're looking forward to go with them in Annapurna expedition in near future ). You will very glad/happy if you choose Unique Path and Trekking.
    Umesh Patel
    Umesh Patel
    Babu and his group are exceptional We have done 2 trips organized by Babu We went to Everest base camp and recently to chitwan, Pokara and part of Annapurna cercuit Their guides are very good We will definitely use Babu and his guides again
    Guru Motgi
    Guru Motgi
    I just returned from a wonderful hike to Everest base camp with helicopter return. I was traveling solo am so grateful to Manager Babu and guide Suresh for looking after me. It is a trip I will remember the rest of my life. We started with a half day tour of Kathmandu and then flew to lukla on the next day to begin the trek. All the arrangements were made ahead of time and the folks unique path team constantly got on the phone to make sure the logistics went smoothly. Suresh kept a moderate pace and a great sense of humor. We made good time throughout the hikes and always got to the lodges on time and in daylight with energy left for the next day. The weather also cooperated this March and we had beautiful sunny skies and gorgeous Mountain View’s throughout the trek. I really could not ask for anything more and would very much recommend unique path
    Janice Cheng
    Janice Cheng