“Our relationship with Unique path started much prior to the trip in the form of communication with Babu, who was ever helpful and informative about each of our queries…from weather, currency to insurance and menus. Besides this, Unique path had kindly obliged us with customizing the trip to fit our requirements of days and places to be covered to the best possible. We were met by able representatives and aided to a successful start to the adventure, which I’m sure all of us were apprehensive of, in one way or another, even though we had experienced earlier treks. All arrangements of stays in the Tea lodges were done perfectly, and the food offered ,albeit basic, but was adequately hearty and palatable. The trekking was an experience of sorts, …a combination of anxiety, fatigue, anticipation….but the feeling of exhilaration at the beginning and end of each day remained with us. The variation of terrain from walking in completely sheathed undergrowth to enjoying brilliant skies, had us reveling in each element of the surrounding landscape. The grandeur of the mountains seemed to humble all ego, anger and any meager human emotions one felt. We were very happy with the crew deputed to assist us, from the helpers who carried our luggage with amazing ease, to the main aides, who were very considerate and supportive to our every need. Most importantly, they were extremely helpful in organizing a prompt solution for evacuating part of our group who experienced some difficulty in completing the trek, without upsetting the schedule of the rest of the group. We thoroughly enjoyed the trek and will have no hesitation and planning another with Unique Path, Babu and his group in the future.” Thanks and regards,

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