We had an amazing trek with Suresh and Tilock. There are both great things to share and suggestions we have as too how it could have been better. We will certainly openly share both as well as a wonderful photo of all four of us at the top of the Laurabina Pass. It is the only photo with the four of us and I will attach it now in case we forget to on our longer reply with our thoughts. I will also attach one of Suresh and one of Tilak that I have on the trek. We also wish to acknowledge the great tragedy that has recently occurred on Everest. We are in strong support of less pressure and better conditions for the Nepalese people who take such great risks and face hardships on these expeditions. We are currently working through a Canadian expedition company that was involved with Everest expeditions this year to see what we can do to support the families of those who lost their lives and their livelihoods to the tragedy. It sometimes seem very unfair to us but we realize such expeditions have their risks. If you have any thoughts as to how we can make an effect or contribution to those left without a family member we would welcome that. As Suresh and Tilak may have mentioned we experienced a great deal of trouble at the end of our trek in accessing funds from the ATM’s in Patan. Hopefully we were able provide the tip we wished to leave with our travel companions in Canadian dollars that we still had with us. With the currency exchange we were not sure if we did them justice. Feedback on that is welcome as well. We will be in touch with well thought out feedback and suggestions on our experience. You can rest assured that it will be completely honest and with everyones best interests in mind. It was a life time and a life outlook altering experience. Dharai Dhanyabad,

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