Babu Sitaula

Managing Director
Experience : Over 25 years
Training : Trekking guide in 1992
Qualification : Bachelor’s degree in economics and history
WhatsApp : +977 9851098143

About: Babu & Company Profile

Mr. Babu the founder member of Unique Path Trekking & Expeditions a veteran and expert tourism professional with more than 27 years of experience in this related field.

Started his career in tourism, first as a porter in trekking than slowly gaining much experience promoted as a guide with his vast in-depth knowledge of the country (history-geography-culture-religions-culture and traditional heritage of local villages on route trekking) well versed in flora / fauna with medical and ‘First Aid’ knowledge and practice attending various medical course ever year, which is very important for guide and leaders in taking care of clients where medical help needed in such situations away from hospitals and medical care.

Mr. Babu a coy and a gentleman fulfilling his promises to his clients and customers when booked with Unique Path Trekking & Expeditions, providing quality of excellent services more than money worth of holidays where past and present clients thoroughly enjoys the trips provided by Babu and his loyal and expert team of staff and guides.

Although Babu started as a porter and a guide, at present holds the positions of a company president and manager, born and raised in remote areas of Nepal Mid West Himalaya with sound medium family background with well qualified Master Degrees in Sociology and Economics and have received much appreciation letters and credentials from various intuitions and social organization in Nepal.

With his wide knowledge from past and present experience and skills, a perfect person in running tourism industry and makes sure that every clients is truly satisfied and on leaving the country (Nepal), each clients departs wearing happy smiles with full of wonderful memories.

Besides offering quality services and making every trip a success, he is totally committed in Eco-Tourism and Responsible Tourism, and makes sure the areas of travel is not disturbed and helps with support in maintaining healthy and friendly environment around local remote villages and its pristine natural surroundings.

Mr. Babu also helps and runs a charity project to support poor rural villages and its helpless schools and children providing fund from some profit of the company and as well from interested clients as well, with the fund helps the villages to maintain its walking trails, clean drinking water storage, hygiene and conservation of the local green forested areas, as well providing educational materials for school children and to the local school also.

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