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Top 5 Hiking Destinations in Nepal

Hiking: Hiking is an activity of moderate difficulty. It is a long, vigorous walk. Hiking is usually done on trails or footpaths along the countryside. Hiking in Nepal is mostly done by foreigners to feel nature. As we all know, Nepal is rich in natural beauty. People all around the world pay a lot of money to visit or see the beauty of Nepal. One of the important factors that foreigners come to Nepal is its hiking experience. Because Nepal provides a lot of hiking destinations all around the country.

The main reason for people to hike is they love nature and love to spend time here. Some people just do it for fun or to feel the adrenaline and the physical challenges of high ridges. Above all, Some people add hiking as their hobby because hiking is inexpensive and easy. Similarly, national visitors in Nepal hike with their friends just to spend time with them. Hiking has a lot of benefits to a human being both physically and mentally.


The Physical Benefit of Hiking


  • Hiking helps you maintain the level of blood sugar in your body- It helps you maintain your blood sugar level because walking makes the sugar in your bloodstream.
  • It makes your heart strong – Hiking can make your heart strong because hiking means walking and walking makes your heart beat fast.
  • It helps you burn a ton of calories – As we all know hiking can burn you a lot of calories because it raises your heart rate.


Mental Benefit of Hiking


  • It clears your mind- Hiking can improve your mind because while hiking you get to spend time in nature.
  • It helps your outlook – Hiking can also enhance your outlook because you get to spend time in nature and nature is a nourishment for your skin.
  • You will be mentally sharp- Hiking can also help you be mentally strong because you have to be sharp while hiking. You should see things all around the place or else there is a possibility that you can injure yourself or even worse.
  • It helps you reduce rumination( according to the studies done at Sanford university)

We all know hiking has a lot of benefits. We also know we can find a lot of hiking destinations in Nepal because Nepal is known for its high peaks. Among all those hiking destinations in Nepal. These are the best five hiking destinations in Nepal, Kathmandu.


Nagarkot Hike


Nagarkot hike is a place located 32 km far from Kathmandu valley. The hike has got a beautiful sunrise and a sunset. In addition, This hill station offers a beautiful view. Therefore people from all around the world come to see the beauty of this place.

It is one of the most popular short treks in Nepal, this hike is ideal for beginners of all ages. It is one of the most visited hikes in Nepal. When you reach there you make your way through oak, pine, and rhododendron forests and learn about village life while taking in views of the Kathmandu Valley and snow-capped Himalayan peaks in Nagarkot. Wake up to a sunrise view of Everest from Kathmandu.

This hike will teach you the culture of the hilly region along the journey to the top. Nagarkot is a very unique and worthwhile place to visit.

October to April is the best time for visiting this place. It offers many adventurous activities also. Furthermore, It is a prominent tourist spot in Nepal and is visited by many tourists as well.

Time moves at a different pace here, and no one seems to be in a hurry. Take a deep breath of fresh air and admire their laidback lifestyle. Further up the hill, we go, to ultimately reach the viewpoint. Try to bring some binoculars for an even more clear view of the rugged peaks. We take our time at the top, resting and enjoying the presence of the beautiful Himalayas.

The beauty of the Nagarkot Day Hike is that it is the most accessible hike from Kathmandu, and it is possible for nature lovers of all ages and experience levels. Within a few hours of hiking on the soft trail, be encompassed by pristine peaks. It’s perfect for the whole family, a couple of friends, and the solo traveler. It offers a full wide view of different summits that includes Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Jugal, Maha Langur, and Ganesh Himal ranges.

Nagarkot hike is an extension of the Kathmandu valley tour. I would like to visit the place as it is one of my future destinations. Likewise, It offers a wide range of facilities. You can visit this place in a single day which is very suitable for busy people.


Chisapani Nagarkot Route


If you stay here in Kathmandu this route is for you. You can start the trek from SundariJal and climb your way up from the Bagmati river to Chisa Pani. There you can see the sunrise from Chisapani lake while trekking. Moreover, the trial goes to Nagarkot. One night’s rest at Nagarkot will take you to Dhulikhel. There you can end your trek. It may be an easy trek but for those of you who have not hiked before it is the best.


Phulchowki Hike


Pulchowki hill hiking is one of the highest ridges of Kathmandu valley at 2760 high. It falls under the Top Hiking Destinations in Nepal. Its average hike is about 4 hours. It lies south of Kathmandu valley. Further, It provides an extended view of the jugal, Manaslu including Everest and as a result, it is one of the best-hiking destinations for both national and international visitors in Nepal. It provides you with a stunning view after you reach the top. Phulchowki is located southeast of Kathmandu valley within the Lalitpur district.

Lalitpur district also comes under Kathmandu valley. So, it is easy for the people of the valley. It takes less than an hour’s drive to reach a beautiful spot of Godavari village with a nice botanical garden. At the top of the hill, there is a shrine of Phulchowki Mai which is surrounded by prayer flags and tridents.

If you happen to hike on this route in March / April you might have a chance to watch the month-long annual religious festival held at the shrine to Phulchoki, and some other major festivals on the full moon days in July and August every year. People are also fond of that so people come to see it too. During the heavy fall of autumn till the end of winter, snowfall can be encountered at Phulchowki.

Travelers are fond of visiting Phulchowki mainly from December to February. Moreover, you will get an eye-catching view from the eastern part of the Annapurna range to Gaurishanker in the east on a clear day. Further breathtaking view of Kathmandu valley is another glorious part of this visit. It is also the only place in the vicinity of Kathmandu to experience snowfall in winter.

Phulchowki hill is surrounded by a dense forest of different plants including Rhododendron of different colors, including pure white and dark red. Because of this beautiful and dense forest, different species of birds and butterflies can be found.

During your hike, you can see different kinds of birds such as Rufous-gorgeted, Flycatcher, Rufous-bellied Niltava, Yellow-browed Tit, Chestnut-headed Tesia, Red-billed Leiothrix, Whiskered Yuhina, Besra, Bronzed and Racket-tailed Drongos, Greater Yellow nape, Grey-headed Woodpecker, Nepal Cutia, Ultramarine Flycatcher, and Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike.

The outline guide for the Phulchowki hike is Hotel Pick up; Drive to Godawari (45 mins); Hike up to Phulchowki Mai (3-4 hours); Lunch at HillTop (1 hour); Descend to Godawari (2 hours); Drive back to Kathmandu (45 mins)


Champadevi Hike


Nepal is widely known all around the world for its mountains and hills. There are a lot of Top Hiking destinations in Nepal. Champadevi hike will make you realize the beauty of our country. It is one of the oldest Top Hiking destinations in Nepal. Even foreign tourists come to this place to enjoy its beauty.

Once you start the hike you will feel the adventure like never before. You can take beautiful pictures from here. You can spend quality time with your friend here. Once you start your trekking you will forget all your problems. The easiest ascent route to Champadevi begins from the north of Pharping up to the Hattiban Resort.

From the resort, a well-trodden track leads northwest up and down through pine forest, along the grassy ridge top to the Buddhist stupa and Hindu shrine. It is the best place for the superb view of Langtang, Gauri Shankar, Jugal, Dorje Lakpa, and others, Champadevi hike is located in Kathmandu. The first kilometer has you trekking along asphalt roads through one of the least interesting sections of the trail, though you’ll be able to take in the scenery of Kathmandu’s outskirts.

At the end of the black-topped road, you’ll come across a small Buddha shrine next to a huge tree that opens up to a sweeping view of the valley below. Take the opportunity to enjoy the shade and unencumbered lookout before readying yourself for another 200m to arrive at an intersection just before Bosan, a sprawling hill settlement. The right-hand turn will lead you to Bosan Danda, a popular viewpoint overlooking Kathmandu Valley. Meanwhile, the left route will take you along the off-the-beaten path to Champadevi.

You’ll follow the path for another 1.2km west, passing through traditional Nepali villages at the top.

The next section is the most challenging of the hike, a 2.2km stretch that climbs 600m to the top. Here you’ll follow the trail through dense forest for 700m until you reach a fork. From here, head northwest and take a right for the main trail. Taking a left will take you down to Hattiban Resort. The strenuous climb of 600m is a mixture of single tracks, steep trails, and graveled paths. Walk at a steady pace and take breaks if necessary. Also, don’t forget to look down to see how far you’ve climbed.

Enjoy the breathtaking views of the lush green hills blanketed with colorful flowers, and see if you can spot the local wildlife, including a variety of birds. After walking for 1.6km in a northwest direction, you’ll finally make it to the Champadevi summit. Check out the small Hindu temple and prayer flags found on the hillside. Prayer flags are an important signifier for marking the topmost part of a hill.

Moreover, it is famous for its peacefulness and walks. People from all over Nepal visit this place with their family and friends as it provides peace of mind and a memorable time with friends. It is a hike that can be done within a day. During Champa Devi Hiking you also can see the Bagmati river, Bagmati, Khokana, Pharping which are historical places of Nepal.

You can see Fulchoki hill on your right, Chandra Giri which is the highest hill around Kathmandu Valley on your left. You can take some rest after you reach Champa Devi and have packed foods, cookies, junk foods which you take with you from Kathmandu. It provides the people with short holidays, sweetest time with their family and friends. However, In all of our hiking holidays, you can enjoy a leisure walk at your pace as it can be a private trip for you.


Chandragiri Hike


Chandragiri hill is widely known in Hindu mythology. In addition, there is a saying that the forehead of goddess Sati Devi was there while Lord Shiva was carrying her. The government has built a suitable road for hiking. Moreover, Chandragiri hike is also very famous for its cable car. Chandragiri day hiking is one of the best days hiking around Kathmandu valley.

Chandragiri hill also has a huge impact on the history of our country. It is said that the Late king Prithvi Narayan shah once visited the top of the hill and decided to make Kathmandu city the capital of the country. To remember this incident there is a big statue of king Prithvi Narayan shah near the Baleshwar temple. You can take beautiful pictures from this place.

The hiking starts at Hindus Temple at Matatirtha or Hotel Outlook INN. The clean environment makes you different and you feel relaxed in your mind. Also, you can view the panoramic view of the Langtang and Ganesh Himal ranges. From Outlook Inn hotel the trail leads to Chhap Bhanjyang at 2275m through the small village and forest.

Getting to the top of the hike you will be able to see a complete view of Kathmandu valley. You will walk 3 hours up a stone staircase to the Chhap Bhanjyang. Here you will get tea and coffee in a local tea shop. This tea shop only opens in season time. After one hour of walking through the forest, you will be in Chandragiri Hill at 2729 m.

From Chandragiri Hill, you can observe spectacular mountain views west to east including Mt.Saipal to Everest, Makalu, Kanchenjunga Manaslu, Ganesh Himal, Langtang Himal, Dorje Lakpa, and Gaurishankar mountain range. Chandragiri day hiking is rich not only in its natural beauty but also in medicinal herbs. It is a better place to see various species of birds, a paradise for bird watching.

Chandragiri hike in my view is one of the best hiking destinations. Likewise, it is also famous for its snowfall. In short, People from all around Nepal come to hike there mostly in the winter seasons. you can go to the Chandragiri hike through a muddy recently built road from Matatirtha. Matatirtha is one of the holy places where people believe they can see their mother. Mata means mother and third means holy place. It has a great value to the local people of the place.

If you decide to trek on Chandragiri hill I tell you to visit it in March. If you decide to do it in the month of march you will be able to see the Matatirtha Aunsi festival. You have to walk about 2 hours from there. From that road, you can also enjoy the forest as it is one of the deepest forests in Kathmandu. Which holds the wildest of animals like cheetahs.


Shivapuri Hike


Shivapuri hike is located north of the Kathmandu valley at 2535 m high. Similarly, the Shivapuri hike is a hiking destination that is very famous for its curvy road and walks. Shivapuri hike is around 3 hours. Shivpuri national park got its name from the peak. Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park is the ninth national park. It was established in 2002. It is located in the country’s mid-hills on the northern fringe of the Kathmandu Valley and named after Shivapuri Peak of 2,732 m altitude.

Shivapuri National Park Day Hiking is a specially designed one-day tour package. This tour package is tailored to hike for a day around Kathmandu valley. Which starts from your staying location inside Kathmandu valley and ends in the same place. During the hike, you will also have a great opportunity for bird watching and numbers of the waterfall. similarly, The route is famous for the Panoramic view of Kathmandu valley. Therefore it is also one of the Top Hiking Destinations in Nepal.

You will pass Tare Bhir then after hiking for 3 hours you will reach Mulkharka Sundarijal. The Shivapuri area has numerous options – whether to hike for just 2, 3 hours or an entire day. If you look for a short hike around this area then we can walk up to Nagi Gompa, and end the hike at Kapan Gompa. From Budhanilkantha we walk through the Shivapuri conservation area. The government protects forests where over 500 species are found. We start our hike from the southern boundary of the area where the army check post is located.

Nagi Gumpa situated at an altitude of 2330 m north of Kathmandu and above Budhanilkantha Temple is the only Monastery for the Nuns to practice Buddhism and foreigners often come there for meditation. It is a steep uphill hike through a narrow and dusty trail for about half an hour and two hours of the gradual uphill trial to Shivapuri.

Shivapuri hike provides a magnificent view of the Himalayas including the Annapurna range, Manaslu, Ganesh Himal Langtang, Gauri Sankar, and a few peaks of the rowing range. Shivapuri hike is slightly in the high price range with $120 per person. But, if you want to enjoy a thrilling time trekking in Nepal, this is your place.