Top 10 Things To Do In Kathmandu, as we all know that Kathmandu is a tourist hub

The city of Kathmandu is a cosmopolitan melting pot that is embracing the early stages of modern urbanization while preserving its deeply ingrained cultural core.

The fact that Kathmandu was formerly a trading hub and passageway between two distinct civilizations, Tibet to the north and India to the south, is the cause of the city’s great cultural diversity.

There is more to this beautiful city than first meets the eye. The disorganized structures, rowdy throng, and frustrating traffic may be off-putting at first, but as you start exploring even a small gully or chowk, you’ll be amazed at how much it has to offer to sate your wanderlust. So, let’s discuss the top 10 things to do in Kathmandu.


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Top 10 Activities to do in Kathmandu


Visit and Explore Temples, Stupas, And Monasteries


Hinduism is practiced by the majority of the population in Nepal, hence the city is home to temples of all sizes, both old and new. They are practically everywhere in the city. The temples are impressive architecturally in addition to having religious significance. During your Kathmandu Tour.

UNESCO has included temples like Pashupati Nath and Changu Narayan on its list of World Heritage Sites. There has always been peaceful cohabitation between the adherents of these two religions because Gautam Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, was born in Nepal.

Both Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims commonly visit stupas like Boudhanath and Swayambhunath, also known as “The Monkey Temple,” which is perched atop a hill. Another worthwhile temple is the Kapan Monastery, which is situated in a peaceful neighborhood on a hill.

Three Durbar square complexes may be found across the city, one in each of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Patan. They feature one of the largest concentrations of sophisticated arts and workmanship on show because they were historically the royal palaces of the monarchs of the individual cities.

While admiring the historic engineering and architecture, one can learn about the fabled mythology that inspired the creation of some of these monuments.


Ride Cable Car in Chandragiri


Chandragiri Hills, one of the valley’s greatest elevation points, is situated toward the southwestern edge of the city. According to legend, this is the exact spot where the late King Prithvi Narayan Shah first saw the Kathmandu valley and was astounded by its beauty.

He, therefore, made the decision to acquire it as part of his effort to unite the then-disjointed kingdoms. One of the main attractions, accessible via cable cars, will take you all the way up to the vantage point from which the Kathmandu valley can be seen.


Visit different bazzars


The clamor and bustle of the city awaken Kathmanduites as soon as the rooster crows.

When strolling through the city’s center, particularly Thamel, Asan, and Indrachowk, you will notice that the streets are filled with fresh organic fruit. There are also a few breakfast shops scattered throughout that provide hot tea and regional savouries. Nearly everyone goes to worship in the temples as soon as they wake up in the morning, filling the air with the aroma of burning incense.

Rare herbs and spices are sold in a variety of modest stores, some of which are tucked away deep inside small alleyways. The perfume of these spices and herbs is strong enough to inspire everyone passing by to start the day right. It is one of the top 10 things to do in Kathmandu.

These locations entirely transform into distinct, busier markets during the day. They don’t simply limit themselves to shopping for groceries; rather, the numerous collections of stores featuring an endless assortment of goods only serve to rekindle every shopaholic’s spirit.

For your trips in the Himalayas, you can splurge on high-end clothing made of materials like Cashmere and Pashmina or buy hiking boots and jackets.


Explore Different Arts and Crafts


If you enjoy the fine arts, don’t hesitate to get your hands dirty and make some of your own Nepalese artwork.

When you can participate by enrolling yourself in one of the various art form workshops offered in Kathmandu, there’s no need to limit yourself to being just an admirer or a novice photographer.

Try your hand at a Thangka, a meticulously colored painting with a Buddhist theme.

The city also offers workshops for stone and wood carving to help you develop your meticulous artistry. You can learn how to mold clay to create Nepalese pots of all shapes and sizes fulfilling various uses from the city’s traditional pottery masters in their workshops.


Enjoy High-Quality Foods


Set out on a culinary adventure to one of the world’s underappreciated cuisines. Due to their close cultural ties to their neighbor to the south, India has had a significant influence on Nepalese food.

The national dish of Nepal is the traditional “Dal Bhat Tarkari,” and both vegetarian and non-vegetarian variations are popular. It is one of the top 10 things to do in Kathmandu.

When discussing Nepalese cuisine, Momo should be brought up. Every Nepalese’s favorite dumpling meal is called momo. This delectable dish is so similar to Nepal’s traditional cuisine that city dwellers from all backgrounds like it.

Around Kathmandu, you may find Nepalese dumplings with either a meat or a veggie stuffing inside. You can sample any of those to pique your palate, whether it’s the traditional good old steam momo or one of its many modified varieties.

The cuisine of the Newari people, one of Nepal’s indigenous groups and the valley’s first settlers, is another delectable option. In addition to a variety of foods, including flattened rice, eggs, spicy beans, lentils, curries, and predominantly buffalo meat, they also provide their customary beer and homemade booze.

You can experience an actual Newari feast in locations like Kirtipur and Harisiddhi, which feature exceptionally well-liked Newari eateries with a local feel.

While you’re at it, give Bhaktapur’s “Juju Dhau” (King of Yogurts) a try. It is typically served in the same manner as a Newari dessert and is cooked in a clay pot. With a rich, creamy texture and enticing flavor, it is no surprise that this yogurt is referred to as the King of Yogurts.

Many Tibetan delicacies, including Thukpa, Thenduk, Khapsoey, and La-Phing, were introduced to Nepal with the arrival of the Tibetan diaspora in the country in the middle of the twentieth century and the frequent travels to Tibet made by Newari traders in the eighteenth-century.

After being combined with regional herbs, spices, and seasonings, they gained even more popularity and are now found in the majority of restaurants in the valley.


Travelling and Hiking


You have a wide range of possibilities for your trekking location because the city is surrounded by hills.

These hiking locations are the ideal getaway from the hectic city life because they are easily accessible through roads and just moderately difficult, making them appropriate for family outings.

From these vantage points, not only do you get beautiful views of the valley and distant mountains, but you also get to see unusual flora and wildlife. It is one of the top 10 things to do in Kathmandu.

These hiking locations are a sanctuary for plant enthusiasts or those who aspire to become botanists one day. The pure rivers, cold, fresh breeze, local shrines, and cordial interactions with the locals shouldn’t be missed because they will only improve your journey.

If you want to go hiking, you can go to the Budhanilkantha-Shivapuri Trail, the Godawari-Phulchowki Trail, the Kakani, Champadevi Trail, and the Sundarijal-Chisapani-Nagarkot Trail.


Visit Different Museums


The museums in Kathmandu, The Narayanhiti Museum, and Patan Museum offer a peek-a-boo into the lives of the royals who formerly ruled Nepal as a Hindu country. They serve as living testimonials to a bygone age of Nepalese monarchy.

Numerous palaces have been converted into museums, and the palaces themselves are noteworthy for their mystifying Hindu-themed architecture and the enthralling interiors as we go through each corridor, room, and patio.

These palaces are alive with the possessions of its former residents, including stone idols, furniture, life-size paintings, armor and artillery, regal clothing, and more.


Enjoy different Jatras and festivals


a variety of cultures Every season of the year in Nepal is marked by a variety of festivals and Jatras.

The Nepalese are known to celebrate more than fifty festivals each year. Some holidays are observed regularly, while others only come around once every five or even twelve years.

Numerous festivals and Jatras are observed, albeit only a small number of them are recognized as provincial or national holidays. It is one of the top 10 things to do in Kathmandu.

In Nepal, holidays are fervent festivities with unique histories. They are accompanied by religious rites, following which the family and crowd partake in the delicacies made especially for the festivals and offered to the gods.


Visit Living Goddess Kumari


The only living goddess in the world, Kumari, resides in Nepal and is thought to be Taleju Bhawani’s incarnation.

Her spirit is said to remain in a young virgin’s body until the start of her menstrual cycle, at which point she leaves the body and begins a hard quest for a new Kumari to take her place. Girls that meet certain requirements are meticulously chosen from the Shakya clan of the Newar community.

Even though there are other Kumaris in Nepal, the royal Kumari of Kathmandu is the most powerful. She lives near Kathmandu Durbar Square in a stunning Kumari mansion (Kumari Ghar), where she is periodically venerated during various festivals.


Exploring the Nightlife Of Thamel


The nightlife in Thamel won’t let you down if you’re a night owl!

Thamel has a wide selection of eateries, bars, and pubs, making it the ideal gathering place for locals and foreigners in Kathmandu for a night out. They make excellent hangouts where you can enjoy tasty food and drinks.

Local bands are performing live music beside them as well. You can bring a friend or meet new people while exchanging stories and experiences about your trek adventures.

Additionally, nightclubs in Thamel are perfect for you if you enjoy swaying and swinging to loud, amplified beats.

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