Wondering where to spend your next holidays with your family member? Searching for a place that brings out extra refreshment to your trip with your family? Here we have listed the top family destinations in Nepal.

Looking forward to a place that can offer the Himalayan Adventures, exotic wildlife viewing, exploration of culture, and tradition? Then Nepal is the wisest destination for you to explore with your family.

Nepal has always been one of the most popular destinations for tourism. It is a holiday destination suitable for all groups of people, from the youngest ones to the elderly people.

Offering some of the best destinations for refreshment, adventure, exploring as well as entertainment, families can lead a comfortable holiday here. Besides, Nepal is a country rich in cultural and traditional ways.

So, It provides great opportunities for your family to explore the cultural heritage of Nepal.


Top 10 Family Destinations in Nepal


Similarly, Nepal is a perfect destination for adventure. As if you are willing to have some adventure sports with your family you can consider adventurous sports such as rafting, bungee jumping, paragliding, canoeing, etc.

There are several cities in Nepal where you can spend some quality time with your family. The most famous cities for tourism in Nepal are Pokhara, Chitwan, Kathmandu, Nagarkot, Lumbini, and Bandipur.

You can have the sightseeing tour as well as can have a small trek with your family if you are interested. Kathmandu, the capital is all about cultural heritage sites where you can explore several UNESCO-listed heritage sites.

Similarly, Pokhara is all about nature and natural resources where you can enjoy the beauty of nature.

On the other hand, Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Buddha. Likewise, Chitwan offers you diverse vegetation. Every city in Nepal has its significance. Nepal is the land of the Himalayas.

It is home to the world’s highest peak Mt. Everest at an elevation of 8848.86m. So, another thing you can do with your family is a Heli-tour or mountain flight to Everest.

This lets you explore the Himalayas of Nepal by Plane or helicopter. This short flight to Everest will be something to brag about forever.

You will not only experience scenic beauty but the bond with your family gets even more energetic and full of memories.

Yearly, thousands of visitors make their way to Nepal with their families for plenty of fun activities, adventures, and treks. These kinds of events will take away their stress and bring new sorts of refreshments.

Here, we have a list of the top 10 family destinations in Nepal


Everest Mountain Flight


Everest mountain flight is an experience to have a close encounter with mountains in Nepal and is among one of the top family destinations in Nepal. Nepal is a country with the Himalayas. It is home to 10 of the highest peaks in the world including the tallest one Mt. Everest.

So, Mountain Flight gives you a wonderful opportunity to explore the Himalayan ranges of Nepal. Therefore, a trip to Nepal would be incomplete without truly understanding what makes it beautiful.

  • The flight starts at 6:00 AM early in the morning
  • Mt. Everest is 20 miles from your window
  • Witness fantastic Himalayan peaks, lakes and glaciers, and Nepali landscapes
  • 50 minutes flight with guaranteed window seat

The planes take off either from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu, and last between 50 minutes up to an hour.

An hour’s flight takes you to catch a glimpse of 20 of the highest peaks to the East of Nepal starting from the Langtang Lirung peak to the highest, Mt. Everest in the East.

Then, the plane takes you to another mountain at Chamlang peak. Then From there, the plane takes a turn and the passengers get a second look at the view while they make their way back to Kathmandu.

Similarly, The best times to catch a glimpse of the sparkling peaks are the months from September to April. This is the time when the white snow sparkles brightly upon the mountains.

The lakes and glaciers equally beam with clear water flowing down from the Himalayan ranges.

When nature has a lot more to offer, take the troll around mother nature and the natural resources. The hour flight to the mountain offers you the wonderful experience of encountering the geography of Nepal.

Despite being a short adventure of just about an hour, Mountain Flight has gained popularity among tourists for the beauty that it promises. Therefore, it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to the top of the world.


Chitwan National Park


Chitwan National Park is the first national park in Nepal established in 1973 and listed as a World Heritage Site in 1984.

Covering an area of 952.63 km2, it is located in the subtropical Inner Terai in the districts of Nawalpur, Parsa, Chitwan, and Makwanpur.

It is about 100m in the river valleys to 815 m in the Churia Hills in elevation. Recognizing its unique ecosystems of international significance, UNESCO declared Chitwan National Park World Heritage Site in 1984.

Today many flora and fauna are preserved in this national park Which makes it one of the popular sites for tourism.

Chitwan National Park is one of the perfect destinations to spend some quality time with your family. It is one of the top family destinations in Nepal. Here in this national park, one can carry out several recreational activities as well as sightseeing.

The things you can do in Chitwan National Park with your family are.


Elephant Ride


Elephant back safari is one of the most popular and adventurous ways to encounter wild animals including the Elephant. An elephant ride is a must done activity in Chitwan.

Enjoying the whole greenery of the national park riding the back of the elephant gives you the memory of a lifetime.

The experienced elephant rider will take you deep into the forest to ensure sights of rare and endangered animals at a close distance to make your trips more entertaining. The children love this adventure.


Jeep Safari


Jeep Safari is for those visitors who do not want to ride the elephant. They can enjoy a jungle safari in Chitwan National Park in their hoodless jeeps.

Through the open jeeps, visitors can witness the rare wild flora and fauna in their natural habitats. The drive will take you to the ‘Gharial Crocodile Breeding Centre’ at Kasara in Chitwan National Park.

From here, you can observe the breeding activities of Gharial, Marsh Magar, and tortoises alike. Besides, the rides take you to explore a whole lot of natural species and diverse vegetation protected in the National Park.


Visit Elephant Breeding Centre and crocodile Breeding center


Chitwan National Park is home to one out of two elephant-breeding centers in the world. Elephants in Nepal are rare animals and are on the verge of extinction.

Therefore, at the Elephant breeding center, you will have an opportunity to see several elephants and their babies.

On the other hand, the Crocodile breeding center is located in an isolated place from the crowd where you get a charming view of Crocodile from egg to giant which will make your visit fruitful.


Jungle Walk and Bird Watching


If you want to spend quality time walking in nature with your family, we suggested you take a Jungle walk with our naturalist.

This walk offers you an ideal situation of viewing the wild animals and birds very closely.

Bird Watching is always best on foot where you spot to identify the different varieties of birds, both local and migratory, that are found in Nepal.


Canoe Ride


Another activity that you can do in Chitwan with your family is a Canoe ride. A slow canoe ride on the gentle rivers of lower Nepal gives you a wonderful view.

A canoe ride is the best way to view the riverside scenery, the ride is best for the sighting crocodiles and other aquatic creatures.


Village Walk


Another activity that adds extra fun to your journey to Chitwan is a village walk. Apart from the jungle Scenery, birds, and animals, the indigenous local people, the Tharus, are also of immense interest.

Village walks let you gather insights into the Tharu way of life.


Cultural Program

A cultural program performed by the Tharus will be another highlight of your visit to the Jungle Safari Lodge.

The Tharus in colorful traditional costumes, unique in their disparity performing a welcoming cultural performance to you and your family will bring a different sort of cultural exploration.


Elephant Bathing


You can enjoy playful elephants in the deep water of Rapti rivers where you can see the elephant taking bath. Your children surely love this scenario.


Bhaktapur Sightseeing


Bhaktapur is a small city inside the valley that is 17km from Kathmandu. With the majority of the Newar community, Bhaktapur retains some of the ancient ways of life of people during the medieval period.

You will enjoy the sightseeing tour with Bhaktapur Durbar square. Similarly, the remarkable woodcarvings, metal crafts, pagoda-style temples, and the printed footpath gives you a glimpse of the ancient days in Bhaktapur.

The Durbar Square in Bhaktapur dates back to the 12th century when people still celebrate their centuries-old festivals. Durbar square is one of the UNESCO-listed heritage sites.

After that, we will visit Changunarayan, A two-story pagoda-style Hindu temple located dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple is surrounded by ancient carvings and statues.

Besides, Bhaktapur reflects the culture and tradition in their way and is not affected by modernization. You can see the women and men wearing their cultural attire as their basic day-to-day clothes.

Every evening, they carry their cultural instruments sing and dance in the temples, and follow a lifestyle that reflects the typical ancient lifestyle.


Patan Sightseeing


Patan is one of the three districts in Kathmandu Valley rich in its ancient art and architecture. It has a lot to offer to you and your family.

Patan Durbar Square: A UNESCO heritage site inside the valley, 5km away from the capital is especially popular for its old-world charm and traditional professions such as wood carvings and metal crafts.

It is another heritage site that reflects the art and architecture from the Medieval period. You can explore a taste of the Newari art and architecture with their culture, tradition, food, and attires in Patan.

Khokana: Khokana is a place rich in Newari culture and tradition. You can explore the village lifestyle, culture, and tradition of the Newari community in Khokana.

Most of the homes and windows in Khokana are decorated with chili, garlic, and onion garlands. Likewise, You can witness the life of a typical Nepalese rural village in Khokana

Bungmati: Bungmati is a village next to Khokana and a home of Machhendranath who is regarded as the patron god of Patan.

Being close to the capital, Bungmati still preserves its ancient attire and lifestyle. The century-old culture and traditions of the Newari people reside in this area.

Therefore, it is another pleasant place for the tourist to explore the typical ancient lifestyle of the Newari community


Kathmandu Sightseeing


Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is set in a valley surrounded by the Himalayas. Covering an area of 50.7 km, the city is the gateway to the Nepali Himalayas.

It stands at an elevation of approximately 1400m above sea level. Kathmandu is popularly known as the city of the temples as the capital is filled with the glorious history and refined culture that ranks among the highest in Asia.

Similarly, Kathmandu is the center of the history, art, culture, architecture, and economy of Nepal.

Kathmandu is the cultural and religious city of Nepal, it has numerous religious and historical sites and many destinations which are worth visiting in a lifetime.

The capital is home to various Hindu temples, Buddhist stupas, and monuments. Kathmandu alone is home to 4 heritage sites listed in a UNESCO world heritage list and they are




Pashupatinath is a Hindu temple of Lord Shiva where thousands of Hindu devotees from all over the country visit here.

It is 5km northeast of Kathmandu. Located at the bank of the river Bagmati, it is a sacred place for Hindu pilgrimage. The temple is open to only Hindu devotees.

However, non- Hindu tourists are not allowed inside the temple. Besides, one can visit the surrounding spot and the holy river Bagmati.

Pashupatinath temple is the pagoda style with a golden tier roof and four silver doors. On the other hand, The funeral and cremation take place on the bank of the holy river Bagmati.




Boudhanath Stupa has located 11 km from the center and northeastern edges of Kathmandu. It is one of the precious heritage sites on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The stupa is 36m high built with Mandala style preferences. Boudhanath is also famous as the ‘little Tibet’ because of the strong cultural influence of Tibet.

The surrounding environment of Boudhanath gives you the vibes of Tibetan culture and traditions.

Likewise, there are various shops, stores, restaurants, and monasteries where there is a great influence of Buddhism.

Therefore, you will have a wonderful time exploring the Buddhist pilgrimage place, Boudhanath.




Located on a hilltop, with fabulous panoramic views of Kathmandu city, Swayambhunath is one of the ancient heritage sites in Kathmandu.

Swayambhunath dates back more than 2500 years and is probably the oldest historical site in Kathmandu valley. It is one of the oldest ancient stupas on the UNESCO world heritage site.

This place is surrounded by green forests and dwellings of many monkeys which is why it is popular as the monkey temple. In addition, the stupa has unique features with Lord Buddha’s eyes and eyebrows painted on it.


Kathmandu Durbar Square


Kathmandu Durbar square, located at the heart of the city, is a place with old history and rich Nepali culture since the 16th century.

It is surrounded by various fountains, ancient statues, small ponds, and a series of courtyards. Kathmandu Durbar square is popular among the locals mostly during the evening time.

There is a former Royal palace inside the complex of Durbar Square named “Hanuman Dhoka” where you will witness Nepalese art, architecture, and sculptures.

Therefore, you can stroll around these heritage sites with your family and get to know more and more about Nepali art and architecture, ancient culture and tradition, sculptures, etc.


Pokhara Sightseeing


Pokhara is the second-largest city in the Kaski district and the second most visited city in Nepal and is famous for its tranquil atmosphere and natural landscapes.

Your family holiday will be incomplete without visiting Pokhara as it is one of the top family destinations in Nepal. You will enjoy the atmosphere and surrounding in Pokhara as there are many things you can carry out in Pokhara with your family




Enjoying the natural landscapes is one of the most popular activities in Pokhara.

Boating on the lake for 45 min will let you witness many birds paddling around the little island hosting the Tal Barahi Temple, Pokhara’s most famous Hindu temple.

Besides, you can choose to boat in Begnas lake as well.


Sunrise view from Sarangkot


Sarangkot is, without a doubt, the place that offers the best sunrise views with the majestic Annapurna range.

It is a great spot to see the sunrise with uninterrupted, panoramic views across a number of the most striking Himalayan peaks, including the Dhaulagiri, Machhapuchhare, Annapurna II, Lamjung, etc.

Spending some quality morning with your family enjoying the best of nature brings out fascinating experiences.


Hike to Shanti Peace stupa


Want to hike to the Buddhist stupa near the Phewa talk, you can go to the Shanti stupa. It is a short and the easiest hike that even children can carry out this hike comfortably.

The stupa offers you a magnificent view of Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Machhapuchhre.




If you are into a real adventure, you can consider paragliding in Pokhara with your family.

The 30-minute flying experience in Pokhara has stable thermals, easy take-off, and landing sites with the magnificent backdrop of the Himalayan. The view is real and you will feel stunning by the view of the Himalayas.


Visit Davids falls and caves


There are several caves in Pokhara where you can visit with your family. The Mahendra cave, Guptsshwor cave, and Bat cave are on the top list among the tourists.

Similarly, you can visit David’s fall, a waterfall in Pokhara to have some sort of refreshment.




Lumbini is the Birthplace of the Lord Buddha and is also one of the top family destinations in Nepal. Lord Buddha, was born in 623 B.C. in the famous gardens of Lumbini. So plumbing is all about visiting the birthplace of the founder of Buddhism.

You will have a wonderful time exploring the Palace in Lumbini with your family. It is a mecca for devotees all around the world.

Similarly, Lumbini offers visitors the shrines of various stages of Buddha’s life, various instruments, temples, and attractions of different occurrences of Buddha’s life.

Likewise, visit several sites such as Maya Devi temple, a white building that protects the exact spots of Buddha’s Birth.

Furthermore, another shrine of Lumbini is Ashoka Pillar, Myanmar Golden Temple, world peace pagoda, Dharma Swami Maharaja Buddha Vihar, China temple, Lumbini museum, etc.

This religious visit will bring peace and prosperity to your journey with your family.

Bardia National Park


Bardia National Park is one of the most pristine conservation areas in the Terai region of Nepal.

It is home to the rare and endangered Royal Bengal tiger and Nepal’s famous One-horned rhinoceros besides countless other mammals, reptiles, and birds.

The park located in the far western district of Bardiya is bordered by the Karnali River in the west, the Churia range in the north, and the Babai River flows right through it.

Bardia National Park is another popular destination if you want to have a great time with your family.

Enjoying the pristine diverse vegetation, and natural landscapes along with the species is a wonderful opportunity to explore.

Besides, you can take a photo and celebrate your holidays making a small gathering at the park yourself. It is a relaxing and refreshing place with nature and natural resources.


Everest Base Camp Heli tour


Everest Base Camp Heli tour is a wonderful opportunity to witness the Khumbu region’s spectacular beauty and the world-renowned Himalayas.

It is a helicopter ride to Everest base camp and is a time-saver to have a pleasant experience on Everest in just one day.

The four-hour journey lets you soak in the entire expanse of snow-capped Himalayas, glaciers, and Sherpa settlement. The tour begins at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu.

This thrilling excursion takes you through the beautiful Khumbu region in a luxury helicopter and offers a comfortable forward-facing seat with unparalleled views of the world’s tallest peaks.

Therefore, it is another best way to spend a quality holiday with your family.

Relishing close views of surrounding snow-capped peaks, the helicopter lands at Everest Base Camp or Kala Patthar (5,545 meters) after 20-25 min. you will then get face to face view of Mt. Everest, Nuptse west face, Lhotse, Khumbutse, Pumori, and Ama Dablam.

This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience to cherish with your family members.


Annapurna Base Camp Helitours


So, the next popular family destination in Nepal is a Heli tour to the Annapurna base camp. Enjoy a scenic flight from Kathmandu and witness the majestic panorama of the Annapurna range.

Throughout the flight, you will witness the spectacular mountain scenery, breathtaking waterfall, frozen glacier, Lakes, and natural landscapes of Nepal.

This helicopter trip will let you dip into the alluring beauty of majestic Annapurna as well as the other Himalayas. You can either take this flight from Kathmandu or Pokhara

Therefore, going on a trip with your family is something that everybody wants to do. Having a luxurious time with your close ones once in a while is still a wish for many who are busy with their daily life.

So this instance, if you are wondering to have a wonderful tour with your family then you are heartily welcome to the country of the Himalayas.

Furthermore, all the trips featured in this category keep your family-pleasing balance of relaxation and adventure.


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