Teahouse means staying in a lodge or a cottage for a night on a track. There are a lot of teahouses all around the world. Likewise, there are varieties of Teahouse Treks in Nepal. Teahouse treks in Nepal provide trekkers with the freedom to trek with minimum equipment. There are several teahouse treks in Nepal. For example Everest, Langtang, and Helambu, Annapurna. These regions are famous among tourists because of their facilities. Similarly, these places have a large network.

Furthermore, these places are famous for their trekking routes. In the case of Nepal, tea houses provide meals and resting places. A tea house is a large comfortable, well-built lodge or cottage. In Nepal, you can find small bamboo huts. Similarly, you can find big lodges too. Therefore, many tourists and trekkers love trekking in Nepal. Also, these tea houses provide facilities to the national visitors.


Why Teahouse treks in Nepal?


Small cottage lodges near the base camp of different summits are called tea houses in Nepal. It is known to the visitors as a tea house because it provides tasty meals and shelter. Mainly, Nepal provides a lot of tea houses in the Himalayan region. Additionally, different ethnic groups such as Tamang and Sherpa run tea houses. This will also help you gain knowledge about their culture. In addition, these tea houses are along with Everest and other trekking routes. Likewise, these tea houses provide a variety of lodging and meals facilities. You can leave your valuable items in the tea house. You can feel free and fully enjoy your trekking journey. In other words, the tea house trekking program is a trekking program based on tea houses dispersed all along the trekking routes. Therefore, Teahouse Treks in Nepal offers you comfortable and hassle-free trekking.

Firstly, the teahouses of Nepal provide tourists with good hospitality. Secondly, some of the teahouses of Nepal provide visitors with guides as well. Above all, most of the teahouses are run by the local people and their families. So, this makes it cost-effective as well. Likewise, They provide foreigners with a very good environment to rest in. Daily many guides, porters, and travelers visit these teahouses. So, trekkers also enjoy it. Also, it is one of the fun activities in Nepal. Additionally, they can enjoy the facilities of this place. The main reason for Nepal to have such beautiful teahouses is its geography.


Teahouse Treks in Nepal


A lot of visitors love to travel to these kinds of places. It helps the locals to run their families and live happily. Every visitor who comes to Nepal for trekking has a positive view of these tea houses. Two years back, I had a foreign friend who went on a trekking trip. Additionally, he discovered a lot of knowledgeable things. He shared all the amazing things about the trip with me. All the things were positive. He said Nepalese people are very kind. He said even though some of them had communication problems. But, also they communicated with us. Moreover, whenever they see foreigners they are very happy. They welcome us wholeheartedly. These tea houses also help the government. Most importantly, the people who run these teahouses are very friendly. Tourism is one of the main sources of income for the country.

Furthermore, tourism plays a vital role in the nation’s economy. In addition to that, even among all the tourism sectors trekking and hiking are important. Not only to the international visitor but also the national visitors trekking is famous. Also, it is the main source of income for the people. To make trekking famous, teahouses play an important role. Tea house trek has a lot of benefits.


Benefits of Teahouse Treks in Nepal


  • The trek can be lightweight.
  • It helps you carry less equipment in comparison to a camping trek.
  • Tea houses are cost-effective.

Once you’ve visited the tea houses of Nepal you will never forget the experience. It will be the best. Additionally, some of the tea houses of Nepal provide you with the best scenery. Most importantly, all the tea houses are at high altitudes so it will help you get in touch with nature. Also, the tea houses are run by the local people. So, this will help you get knowledge about their culture. Not only you can experience the good food but also their culture. Tea houses of Nepal provide a lot of information about the culture of this country, As it is run by different ethnic groups. It can multiply your fun. In addition to the fun. Local people also share their experiences at the high peaks.

Finally, if you have decided to come on a trekking journey in Nepal. You should probably visit the tea houses of Nepal. Also, you will not forget the experience of these tea houses.


Some Most Popular Teahouse Trek in Nepal


  • Teahouse Trek in Everest Region:
  • Everest Base Camp Trek.
  • Ghorepani Poon Hill Trek.
  • Annapurna Base Camp Trek.
  • Annapurna Circuit Trek.
  • Langtang Valley Trek.


Everest Base Camp Teahouse Trek


Most of the tea houses at the Everest base camp are huge. So, they normally have a common room designated for the group. Along with this, they provide different meals. World wide trekkers always bring their condiments. So, when people order off the menu in a tea house they can use those condiments. It helps enhance their food. Teahouse Treks in Nepal is the Everest base camp tea house that has a room that usually has two bunks. But, down lower in the valley, they have showers with a toilet. Also, they provide some hot water facilities.

Moreover, they provide propane on-demand as well. But, if you trek up the valley you can find different styles of tea houses. In addition, most of the tea houses at Everest base have two beds in a room. Moreover, if you are tired and want to rest, they provide a suitable environment for you. Also, in some places they provide an outdoor courtyard. This will increase your trekking experience too. These tea houses will help you get in touch with nature. Most importantly, these tea houses are clean and comfortable. It is a really good way to go when you trek. In that way, people have a dry clean place to stay for the night. Furthermore, you can have a comfortable night’s sleep. This will help you the following day. Also, most of the tea houses built good relationships with the travelers.


Highlights of Everest Base Camp Teahouse Trek


  • The tea houses are reliable.
  • The tea houses have wider rooms at lower altitudes.
  • It provides you with charging stations, flush toilets, and hot water.
  • They built good relationships with visitors.
  • Experience different kinds of local foods.
  • Increase your trekking experience.


Ghorepani Poon Hill Teahouse Trek


Poon Hill takes between two and three days from Pokhara. The view of Poon Hill is on the route to Annapurna Sanctuary, the destination is in the center of Annapurna Conservation Area. You must have an ACCAP Permit from Kathmandu. Poon Hill is a very busy tourist destination. Therefore Poon Hill is the best Teahouse trek in Nepal. Daily thousands of visitors visit this hill to trek. The tea houses are good too. Tea houses here provide you with a suitable place to rest. This teahouse trek is reliable. Not only foreign tourists but also national tourists love to visit. But the only drawback is that you have to have permission from Kathmandu. Many people have shared a lot of positive things about this place. But, it is accessible. It is a challenging trekking route of Nepal. So, the tea houses also play a vital role too. Because every trekker gets tired so they wanna rest in a safe and comfortable place. Teahouses here provide you with all the essentials. For example

  • Proper resting place
  • It provides you with a proper shower and toilet facilities.
  • Tea houses here have all the facilities such as water, food, and electricity.
  • So, if you decide to trek in the Ghorepani Poonhill you will feel at home at these teahouses.


Annapurna Base Camp Teahouse Trek


Annapurna base camp trek is one of the most difficult treks in Nepal. The trekkers almost have to cover a total distance of 67 km over 10 days of the trek. You will feel a lot of adventure in it. A lot of visitors get injured daily due to the difficulty of this place. This trek is long so people stay at the tea houses. Due to its difficulty, the tea houses here play an important role. The ABC base camp tea houses provide you with a lot of facilities. For example

  • Suitable place to rest
  • Spa facilities
  • It’s reliable

ABC teahouses provide you with the privilege of good scenery.

The teahouse of ABC provides restaurants and accommodation. So, what does that mean? So, there will be some differences in the style depending on the region of Nepal. ABC provides pretty much the same. But, they are going to multiple storages. Maybe, stone or possibly wood. Furthermore, you go through small villages lower down. But, once you get higher up in the altitude it’s probably going to be tea houses. Along with all the tea houses you are going to find some cute little shops along the way. Following the tea, houses center around the main eating area. Similarly, you can find some pot-bellied stone and everything inside a typical teahouse.

Annapurna Base Camp is one of the famous Teahouse Treks in Nepal. Annapurna Base Camp teahouses also have stoves. But, after you go to high altitude the stove is not allowed. Similarly, the dining area is the heart of a tea house. Especially if you are traveling with friends. These kinds of tea houses provide a lot of time with friends to gossip and have fun. Likewise, you get a padlock. Additionally, these tea houses keep your things safe. Also, some of the tea houses of ABC have an in-room bathroom. Therefore, you will also get to see some western culture here.


Annapurna Circuit Teahouse Trek


Annapurna circuit teahouse Trek is another trek with good teahouse facilities, the Annapurna Circuit Trek has some of the better teahouses widespread along its entire route. No matter how long your hike is you can always find a suitable teahouse. So, this will help the trekkers to take short breaks in between. Annapurna circuit tea house is almost 12 to 21-day long. So, the widespread tea house makes visitors at ease. The trail also includes a lot of stairways which can be more difficult than walking on straight paths. Also, a lot of slippery and rocky trails.


Highlights of Annapurna Circuit Teahouse Trek


  • Security
  • Chance to connect to the nature
  • Experience the nature of the place
  • Feel of adventure
  • Hospitality

Annapurna circuit tea houses are mostly one storage. The tea houses here are scattered all over the trekking route. Moreover, you can find stone and wood buildings. And, you also get a spectacular view from these tea houses. They usually lock your room to safeguard your belongings. Similarly, they provide you with a reliable room to stay in. These tea houses are very important to the trekkers. Likewise, the tea houses here are simply like hotels. More importantly, these treehouses shelter visitors. These tea houses are famous for this service. Similarly, the rooms here are simple. They pretty much have two beds. Furthermore, they guide you if you need it. In addition to this, they are very cost-effective. Besides, they also provide you with comfortable mattresses. Also, some rooms of the tea houses can provide you with study tables too.

Moreover, some of the tea houses at the lower altitude provide the facility of WI FI. But, if you go to the high altitude, the tea houses there may cost you 200 for wifi and 100 rupees to charge your phones and batteries. In comparison to the tea houses at the lower altitude, the tea houses at higher altitudes are expensive.


Teahouse Trek at Manaslu Circuit


Manaslu circuit trek is a moderately difficult trek. People with the low physical condition find it hard to trek here. Manaslu Trek is one of the challenging treks in Nepal that takes you through the remote villages of the Himalayan region. It is one of the off-beat treks in Nepal. It is a challenging trek so trekkers travel in a sense of adventure. Also, this route provides yaks on your way up. It is almost 180 km. So, it is quite challenging. So, the tea house here plays an important role. They should have the facility of electricity, water, and shelter and they have it all. Including beautiful scenery.


Teahouse Trek at Langtang Valley


Langtang valley trek is one of the most famous treks in Nepal. It provides the trekkers with the feel of adventure. Langtang trip is a short trip if you are looking to excess it from Kathmandu valley. The sloppy road here is the main reason for people wanting to trek here. This trek is almost 10-15 days starting from SyabruBesi. Langtang valley trip is very safe. It is a moderate trek. You have to walk for many days with gradually increasing altitudes. People with bad health find it hard to trek here. So, the tea houses here come in handy.


Highlights of Langtang Valley Teahouse Trek


  • Friendly owners
  • Good scenery
  • Comfortable environment


Teahouse Etiquette


The etiquette of Nepali people is known worldwide. It is also the main reason for tourist attractions. The etiquette of Nepalese people varies from culture to culture. Most of the time Nepalese people join their hands to greet people. Likewise, teahouse etiquette is also the same. Mostly, people from the Himalayas run tea houses. So they welcome people according to their culture. The most common etiquette in these tea houses is. They do the formal and standard gesture, men hold fists(left over right), women put palms together, make a bow, and welcome visitors by giving them the garment made of flowers.


Meals at Teahouse Treks


The typical meal of a Nepalese tea house is dhal bhat. But, it can differ from place to place. Teahouse Treks in Nepal the owner of the tea house most of the time provides meals according to the culture. But, the most common meals that can be found at the tea houses at high altitudes are

Dhal Bhat: Dhal Bhat is like a national food of Nepal so it is found in every part of the country. So, it can also be found at the tea houses of high altitudes.

Yak meat: Also yak meat famously known as (chauri ko masu) is easily accessible in these kinds of tea houses as yak is only found in the Himalayan region.
Garlic soup etc.


Rooms at Teahouse Trek in Nepal


Usually, there are two beds in a single room. The tea houses of Nepal usually have a window and a door with a cover of tin. These kinds of rooms are usually found in one storage building.


Electricity at Teahouse


Most of the tea houses have electric facilities in them. Usually, people can charge their phones, watch television. But, in some places, it can be hard to find due to the geographical condition of the place. Usually, the places cost money to use the electric facility.


Tips for the Teahouse Trek in Nepal


  • Do advance booking for the tables.
  • Bring all the personal essentials with you.
  • Have a sufficient amount of toilet paper with you.
  • Bring all your medications with you.
  • If you have not booked a teahouse, do it before 7:00 am.
  • Calculate your time properly before leaving the tea house.

This trekking business can develop even more. If the government and the concerned authority focus more. They can build more suitable tea houses. Similarly, they can make wider roads. Likewise, they should focus on giving this education to students. If those students can find a suitable job in this sector. The unemployment rate would also go down. So, trekking is a very important part of Nepal and the tourism sector.

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