What is  a Camping Trek?


Camping Treks in Nepal is a classic way of trekking. Mainly, done in remote areas with all camping equipment along with food, guides, and tents. Similarly, the camping trek is mostly done where there is no facility for tea houses.


Why Camping Treks in Nepal


There are a lot of organized teahouses in Nepal. But, a lot of people love to do camping treks in Nepal as well. There are different types of treks in Nepal. But, you can choose the style of the trek which suits you the best. Likewise, a lot of people like the option of staying in a lodge for their Himalayan trek. Additionally, first, they trek and spend nights in the teahouse but they often come back to experience the Camping Treks In Nepal. Usually, Camping Treks In Nepal are a good experience for rookie trekkers. Also, Camping Treks In Nepal is more challenging than the tea house trek in Nepal. In addition, Camping Treks In Nepal are very famous all around the world. Annually, thousands of tourists come to experience the Camping Treks In Nepal.

Similarly, Camping Treks In Nepal has a lot of benefits. You will get more time in Nature. In addition, you will have more fun while trekking. But, the advantage of Camping Trek In Nepal is you will be able to trek in more remote areas of Nepal. Likewise, Camping Treks In Nepal helps you know about the biodiversity of Nepal. Similarly, camping treks are famous among the youth of the country. In addition, students of Nepal finish their studies and make plans for going to Camping Treks In Nepal with their friends. Usually, people have a very good time doing Camping Trek In Nepal.


Highlights of Camping Treks in Nepal


  • Get to spend more time in nature compared to Tea House Trekking.
  • Be able to explore remote and isolated areas of Nepal.
  • Suitable for adventure seekers.
  • Connect to the nature
  • Camping Treks In Nepal pushes your body to the limits.
  • Suitable for trekkers to rest where there is no facility of tea houses.
  • Camping Treks In Nepal can help you travel to remote areas.

Nepal ranks very high in Camping treks destinations. In addition, Teahouses get very crowded and busy at the peak seasons of some popular trekking routes like Annapurna and Everest base camp. Furthermore, Nepal has an unfair reputation for crowded trails everywhere. But, it is easy to find tranquility in the famous mountains by trekking in remote areas. This is also the main reason for Camping Treks In Nepal to be famous. In addition, you also don’t have to travel very far to experience the Camping Treks In Nepal. As there are a lot of Camping Trek trails in Nepal. Similarly, you don’t have to worry about anything.

Camping Treks In Nepal also provide the same experience as the tea house trek. Having said that Camping Treks In Nepal takes you to some of the remote areas where the trail can be difficult. But, it will be worth it in the end if you continue doing Camping Trek In Nepal. Similarly, you will get help from guides and porters. Likewise, a lot of people love to explore new routes for Camping Treks In Nepal. Therefore, Camping Treks In Nepal will give you a lifetime experience. In addition, you will find Camping Treks In Nepal fun and challenging. Altogether, Camping Treks In Nepal is the best thing to do.


Some of famous Camping Treks in Nepal


Upper Dolpo Trek


Upper Dolpo Trek lies in the Dolpa district of Nepal. Dolpa trekking region is one of the loveliest districts with gigantic mountain ranges like Annapurna, Dhaulagiri, and Kanjiwara along with some other numerous mountains. Similarly, there used to be a small kingdom on the more level Dolpo in the recent past. This region provides trekkers with various mountains. The trekkers can have a good perspective of the grand locale. Annually, thousands of trekkers love camping trek Dolpo region. Furthermore, people love to do camping treks in Nepal because it provides them with the feeling of adventure. Likewise, camping here tests their limits. So, this is also the main reason for Upper Dolpo to be famous.

Mainly, the walking begins at Darbang with an uphill climb to Dharpani from where you can see great views of the surrounding. Similarly, from there you continue walking to Muna village. After a long walk and camping, you arrive at Dhorpatan hunting reserve from there you can see the biodiversity of the place including some rare animals of the country. Furthermore, continuing our journey we arrive at Pelma Goo, a very remote area. However, Pelma Goo provides you with a lot of beautiful scenery of high mountains.

Similarly, the local people there are very friendly and helpful. Similarly, whenever they see a tourist they get very excited. But, the place is very underdeveloped with a lot of illiterate kids. After seeing the various biodiversity we head to Syankhola. Furthermore, the way of Syankhola is very rough. So, you have to be very careful. However, from there you will be able to see a lot of huge mountains. Likewise, after walking all the way we come to Purbang Bass(4050m) which has a very difficult path for travelers. Similarly, in the evening you will be able to see a beautiful sunset. After camping in Purbang pass you will make your way to Dho Tarap where you will be able to see yaks and donkeys. In addition, you will be able to dry peaks and surroundings.


Journey to Upper Dolpo


Finally, we come to Dho Tarap (3944m) where you will be able to experience Tibetan culture. However, the place is very remote. At Dho Tarap you will see all kinds of different monasteries where people worship. After visiting Dho Tarap you will come to Maran village. Similarly, Maran village is a north Tibetan village. So, it is obvious that you will see Tibetan culture. After visiting Marang village we came to Tokyu village. But, the people of this place are so far from modern society. Similarly, the infrastructure is not properly developed. Probably due to its geographical condition. After crossing Tokyu we come to the flat land of Numa La.

The place is good for cultivation. Likewise, after crossing the valley you come to Numa La pass (5309m) where you will be able to see different prayer flags. In addition, people love to trek in Numa La pass.
Furthermore, after this, your journey continues at Baga La pass (5179m) with an uphill climb. But, you have to be very careful you might be a victim of altitude sickness. You will continue your Journey to Phoksundo waterfall which is very beautiful. Continuing your journey you will come to Phoksundo lake locally known as Ringmo Lake. There you will be camping and enjoying the environment. Finally, after camping there you will come to Jupal where you will see some monasteries and beautiful mountains. After enjoying your time at Jupal you come to Juphal airport to Nepalgunj Airport where your camping trek ends.


Highlights of Camping Treks in Nepal


  • Get to know Tibetan culture.
  • Visit Phoksundo Lake.
  • Get a stunning view of the surroundings.


Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek


In Nepal, Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is one of the best destinations for Camping Trek. Likewise, it is one of the most dangerous treks in Nepal. First, you drive to Beni from Kathmandu by bus. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is very adventurous. But, many people go to Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek from Myadi. Normally the trek starts from Kathmandu and follows through the roads of Pokhara Beni and Darbang crossing around 320 meters until you come to Dhara Pani. Similarly, people drive around 2-3 hours to reach here through some of the rough roads of Nepal.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is a rigged and sloppy altitude Camping Trek. In addition, Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is one of the less-visited Camping Treks of the Annapurna region. Furthermore, for the first couple of days, you walk through Myadi Khola to the Chhonbardan glacier at the foot of Dhaulagiri. Likewise, the view from Dhaulagiri is very stunning. Similarly, when you walk through the trek you will see some of the Magar villages along the way. Not only this but also you will spend time trekking in this area without a permit. After you rest there you will continue your trek up the side of the glacier over the french pass (5360m) into the hidden valley.


Journey to Dhaulagiri Circuit


Most importantly, if you have been trekking for a long time and have some experience. Then this is a perfect adventure for you. Similarly, this trek will be unforgettable for you. In addition, after spending several days above 5000meters altitude and passing through some snowy conditions. You will find that it is one of the most challenging Camping Trek In Nepal. But, it is worth every penny and time you spend there.

Similarly, while you are camping and trekking through the Dhaulagiri circuit trek you will feel the remote nature of the trek. Likewise, you will be able to see some of the most beautiful landscapes and farming villages. Most importantly, you will see many snowy glaciers and rocky mountains. Similarly, if you are an experienced trekker you will have an option to climb Dhampus peak at 6060m. Likewise, you will be able to see a stunning view of Dhaulagiri (8167m) and other 7000m plus peaks. So, this trek value your time.


Highlights of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek


  • Experience the remote nature
  • Get a stunning view of Dhaulagiri (8167m).
  • Visit different villages along the way.


Makalu Base Camp Trek


Makalu Base Camp trek is one of the spectacular Camping Trek In Nepal. But, this trekking route was not open until the 1950s. But, shortly after Eric Shipton trekked into this region and made it available for everyone. Similarly, this trek was very little known back then. But, it is now famous worldwide. Likewise, Makalu Base Camp provides good accommodation with some beautiful tea houses. Who welcomes you wholeheartedly and gives you a place to rest. Not only it is famous for its tea houses but also it is famous for the Camping Trek it provides.


Journey to Makalu Base Camp


Makalu Base Camp trek is a very beautiful Camping Trek In Nepal. Similarly, this trails to the world’s fifth-highest peak. Furthermore, it takes you through the experience of the biodiversity of Nepal. Most importantly, it provides you with a rich selection of scenery as you climb over 5000m.

The trekking is very challenging. In addition, you pass across four high passes which include Shipton La ( Eric Shipton’s original expedition route and three others which are over 4000m. The best time for trekking in Makalu Base Camp is in the spring season. Most importantly, at this time the trek shows us some lingering snow, crossing the passes which will make you very excited. Furthermore, the final approach towards the base camp is the best one because when you reach there you will see Mount Makalu, which dominates the surrounding with its majestic presence. Similarly, it will make you realize how exciting would it be to climb 8416m. In addition, to Mount Makalu, you can enjoy the panorama of Mt Everest 8848m, Lotshe 8516m, Chamlang 7319m, and Baruntse 7129m. It is the best place to enjoy your holidays. If you love trekking and love spending time in nature.


Highlights of Makalu Base Camp Trek


  • Get to see different mountains over 7000m including Mount Makalu and Mount Everest.
  • Enjoy the views of the surroundings.
  • Travel through the route of Eric Shipton.


Rolwaling Valley Trek


Between Everest and Langtang below Gauri Shanker lies a beautiful Rolwaling Valley. Many people love trekking and camping there. Similarly, the main highlight of the Rolwaling Trek is Rolwaling Valley, Khumbu, Tamang villages with some beautiful views of the mountains. Likewise, this region is rich in biodiversity, glacier lakes, mountains, and isolated villages. Furthermore, Rolwaling Valley is surrounded by alpine lakes, hanging glaciers, etc.

The Rolwaling Valley Trek starts from Dolakha near Charikot, which is an eight-hour drive from Kathmandu. There you will experience the ultimate camping experience. Rolwaling Valley Trek is a very fine but very strenuous camping style expedition that can be done through Rolwaling Himal by crossing the Teshi Lapch La (5755m) into Solu Khumbu. Similarly, while on this trek you can see Mt Melungtse(7181m) Mount Dorje Lakpa, and Mount Tachi Lapcha. Most importantly, this will be an unforgettable experience for you.


Highlights of Rolwaling Valley Trek


  • Get a stunning view of different lake glaciers
  • See the biodiversity of the place
  • Experience the ultimate Camping Treks In Nepal


Ganja La Pass Trek


One of the most difficult Himalayan passes in the world is the Ganja La Pass with a height of 5132m. But, if you decide to trek in Ganja La Pass then you will never forget the experience. Similarly, you can experience Buddhist culture.

Likewise, you can enjoy beautiful Himalayan sightseeing with some beautiful Buddhist Monastries in the region.
Similarly, the route starts from Kyanjin Gompa in Langtang to Tarke Gyang in Helambu crossing 5106m begins Ganja La Pass trekking. Likewise, you will be crossing Lantang Khola below Kyangin Gompa and continuing the trail. But, the trail follows a steep climb along the ridge on the south side of the valley. In addition, you will be going through rhododendron and juniper forest to the south side following the trail. Most importantly, the views of the north from the pass which includes Langtang Lirung, and the snow peaks in Tibet are beautiful. In addition, you will also see Shisha Panama at 8013m which is outstanding.


Highlights of Ganja La Pass


  • Travel through the forest of Rhododendron and Juniper.
  • Outstanding view of Shisha Pangma.
  • Enjoying the beauty of the surrounding.


Balthali Village Trek


Balthali village trek is a very short trek around Kathmandu valley. Similarly, Balthali village offers traditional and rural Nepal with beautiful surroundings. Likewise, the trail of the Balthali village trek leads you to different villages of Tamang, Newar, and some other ethnic groups. In addition, this trek offers several excellent short hikes and mountain biking experiences. Most importantly, this trek can be done by anyone. Mostly, for camping treks, that’s why it is one of the best Camping Treks In Nepal. You should only walk 4-5 hours on this trek and you can fully enjoy yourself.

The traditional Balthali village is very eco-friendly. Furthermore, this trek is not that crowded too. Similarly, while on this trek you can experience the stunning view of Langtang, Ganesh, Manaslu, Dorje Lakpa, Gaurisankher, and Everest on the north side. Not only the view but also the flora and fauna of the place will tell you the beauty of the place. Similarly, if you decide to trek here you will experience the beauty of the Nepali Hills and Himalayas.


Highlights of Balthali Village Trek


  • View 7000m plus high peaks including Everest.
  • Experience different biodiversity.
  • Get the feeling of the ultimate trekking experience.


Gurjebanjyang Suryachour Trek


Gurjebanjyang is a very beautiful trekking destination located 26 kilometers from the city. Similarly, it is possible to reach there in about 30 minutes from the bus driver to Kaule. Likewise, Kaule is the gateway point for Kakani hikes.
Similarly, Kakani Hill Station is very popular because it gives you a glittering view of Annapurna (8091m) Manaslu (8165m) Ganesh Himal (7446m) Langtang Lirung (7245m) also a lot of snow-covered mountains.

Suryachour is a very nice viewpoint that gives a stunning view of mountain ranges like Mt Manaslu, Mt Ganesh, Mt Langtang Mt Dorje Lakpa, and Gauri Shankar Himal. Similarly, trekking through this route is a lifetime experience. This trekking route is one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal. Furthermore, this trekking route is also one of the best Camping Routes In Nepal. Annually, thousands of tourists come to this trekking route for camping and enjoying their time. In addition, this is also famous among national tourists.


Highlights of Suryachour Trek


  • View some of the famous 7000m plus peaks.
  • Enjoy the surrounding.
  • Know about the different cultures of Nepal.


Chitlang- Markhu- Kulekhani Village Trek


Chitlang village has an ancient Newar society. Similarly, people from Lichchavi and Gopal era lived here in the past. According to history, Amshubarma gave this place a name. Likewise, the major attraction of this place is Newari houses art and architecture. Similarly, the landscape of his place attracts trekkers from all around the world.

Markhu is a small town on the northwestern shores of Indrasarover which is famous for trekking. Makhu is about 30 min drive from Kulekhani but a lot of people love to trek there. Similarly, Chitlang is also near around 9 km. so, these three villages are near each other. Therefore, this is perfect for a camping trek.

Kulekhani, Markhu, and Chitlang are the best traveling destination for travelers. Kulekhani is very near to Kathmandu. So it is accessible to anyone. It is a perfect destination to hang out with your friends and families. Likewise, the tour of these villages is very good for trekkers to enjoy nature and do camping due to the landscape of this place.


Highlights of Chitlang – Markhu Trek


  • Enjoy the surroundings and the nature of the place.
  • Experience the ultimate Camping Treks In Nepal.
  • Learn about different cultures.


Lele Village Trek


Lele Village is a small village in Lalitpur district, Lele is 14 km away from Lagankhel, Patan, and other main cities. Similarly, the weather of this place is very good for trekkers. It gets about 12 degrees celsius in the summer. Likewise, Lele village is a very good trekking destination. Lele village trek takes you through some of the most beautiful forests of Nepal. Most importantly, the landscape is very favorable for new trekkers. Similarly, this trek is not that difficult, you can do this trek alone. But, rather than traveling alone, you should travel with your friends and family. It will be more fun. In addition, a lot of youth of Nepal love doing camping here. Because it provides favorable conditions for every trekker. So, it is one of the best Camping Treks In Nepal.


Highlights of Lele Village Trek


  • Trek in a favorable condition
  • Suitable for new trekkers
  • Experience the Ultimate Camping Trek In Nepal.


Some Info of Camping Treks in Nepal


Rooms and Beds in Camping Treks


Some of the rooms are luxurious and have a proper facility for everything. There are usually two beds in a single tent most of the time but you also can find double beds in some of the places. Similarly, in some places, it is built with a corrugated steel roof over a large, conventional ridge tent with something around 4 high foot walls and a 7-foot ridge.


Dining and Food in Camping Treks


Most of the tented camps in Nepal provide their cultural food with proper dining facilities. Similarly, most of the time the cook of the trek western foods as well. Likewise, the foods are healthy and clean. Similarly, they also provide you with healthy drinks. Also, they serve you hot and healthy foods.


Electricity Charging Points and Wi-Fi


All the camping treks in Nepal are very organized. However, camping treks in Nepal are done in the rural areas so, it is next to impossible to get the facility of electricity charging and Wi-Fi points. But, in some places it is possible but you have to pay more money.


Toilets and Showers


Camping treks are the most interesting way of trekking in Nepal. The organizer tries their best to satisfy the consumer. They fully take care of your hygiene and health. You don’t have to worry about this. The camping staff there provide you with a suitable latrine and washbasin.


Best Time for Camping Treks in Nepal


Usually, the best time for Camping Trek In Nepal is months from March to May, and September to November is an ideal time to go Camping Trek In Nepal. But, the time of March to May is perfect as the days are clear with plenty of sunshine and a suitable climate to trek.

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