Sunkoshi River Rafting -10 Days

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The Sunkoshi means ‘ River of Gold’ is situated east of Kathmandu and is one of the best rivers accessible for rafting. This river is considered one of the 10 traditional rivers in the world. Sunkosi is the longest river trip in Nepal crossing over 270 km in length.

Trip Duration 10 Days
Best Time for Visit Mar-June/ Sept-Dec
Activity Adventure and water sports
MEAL Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
ACCOMODATION At tented camp or mass dome
TRANSPORTATION Private vehicles
ARRIVAL ON Kathmandu Nepal
DEPARTURE FROM Kathmandu Nepal


  • Fun, bouncy and exciting pool drop rapids
  • Beautiful beach camping
  • Villages, jungle and waterfalls
  • Nepal’s original river expedition
  • Classic expedition top ten river trip in the world
  • A great trip for intermediate and advanced kayaker
  • Big rapids, warm water, beautiful scenery and great camping
  • In Spring the river offers fine rapids with longer flat sections more suited to a novice kayaker and rafter

Trip Overview

The Sunkoshi means ‘ River of Gold’ is situated east of Kathmandu and is one of the best rivers accessible for rafting. This river is considered one of the 10 traditional rivers in the world. Sunkosi is the longest river trip in Nepal crossing over 270 km in length. Likewise, SunKoshi floats from the Himalayas to eastwards in Nepal in the wonderful valley amongst the Mahabharat range Mountains. Besides, this river is conceived as the River of Gold with an amazing experience of faraway villages nestled on the laps of hills, Hindu temples, as well as some spiritual spots. Similarly, this river is one of the pinnacle ten rafting rivers in the world.

Also, the river is outstanding for those who want a longer, wider, and more remote adventure rafting/kayaking. The river presents some of the fantastic scenery and quite a fine village along with the species of birds. Furthermore, its intensity picks up and boasts some of the biggest waves seen on raft-able rivers.

Sunkoshi River is a part of the Sapta Koshi river system, a group of seven big rivers in the eastern region of Nepal. The sunkoshi flow passes through the beautiful valley between the Mahabharat range and the Himalayas. As it’s the originating point in Tibet – the autonomous region of China. Sunkoshi changes its shape and gets even bigger when Bhote Koshi joins it at Barbesi. Likewise, the rafters can experience different grades of water rapids, exciting and huge challenges as you progress ahead. Similarly, rating in Sunkoshi takes you to the rhythm of water and the stunning views of the often seen villages and huge mountains with lush vegetation. On the other hand, you can see the sandy beaches for camping and resting. While you raft down to the lower fraction of the river, you may witness some monkeys and beautiful birds as the forest there’s dense.

The starting point of sunkoshi trips is Dolalghat which is about 3 hrs( 60km) drive from Kathmandu. Then, you will be away from the modern lifestyle and soak within nature and natural beauty for eight to ten days. Sunkoshi is known as an unpredictable river because of its moods, serene and tranquil one moment, wild and turbulent the next. SunKoshi is always challenging yet the most exciting water sports in Nepal. The river is always changing, adventurous, and ultimate. Starting with a really easy point the journey gradually goes on increasing levels of difficulty. Especially for beginners, it is progressively harder when you descend but before beginning, you will be provided with the basic skills and ideas of rafting. It will provide you an interesting experience when you continue rafting rapids lower down the river.

-Fun, bouncy and exciting pool drop rapids.

-Beautiful beach camping

-Villages, jungle and waterfalls

-Nepal’s original river expedition

-Classic expedition top ten river trip in the world

-A great trip for intermediate and advanced kayaker

-Big rapids, warm water, beautiful scenery and great camping

-In Spring the river offers fine rapids with longer flat sections more suited to a novice kayaker and rafter



Day 01 Pachuwarghat (541 m)

Early morning, after breakfast, we will drive to the put in point Dolalghat. Before starting the raft, your guides will give you instructions on how to use the equipment and some safety tips. Dolalghat is a point where lower Bhotekoshi meets Indrawati and forms the Sun Koshi River. Therefore, we will start to raft on Sun Koshi. As soon as the raft begins it will be smooth with few rapids. This will give us some practice and warm up for the rapids that are yet to come. At the end of the day, you will experience the first of many Class III rapids. We will set up our camp at Pachuwarghat

Day 02 Chainpur (1,206 m)

Early morning, after breakfast we will start from Pachuwarghat to reach Chainpur. Today A rapid will be exciting Class II and Class III rapids. Take your time to observe the beautiful villages, terrain, hills and farmland as you raft. Then, after sometime, you will reach the Hindu holy temple Kusheshwar. Similarly, we will pass several villages in Machhegaun, where mostly people are engaged in fishing. Finally, reaching Chainpur, we will set out camp there at the beach.

Day 03 Jhagare (1,190 m)

Our day 3 starts giving other exciting vibes. After breakfast, we will start to paddle down Sun Koshi. After a short, we will see Tama Koshi joining SunKoshi which increases the volume of Sun Koshi.  The waters are quite calm and paddling is easy but slowly the current of water increases making it an exciting adventure. During this day, you will face some of the exciting and challenging rapids that include Meat Grinder (Class IV-), Punch (Class IV-), Judy (Class III), Pre-anxiety (Class III) and High-anxiety (Class IV-). We will set our camp at Jhangree

Day 04 Raighat (268 m)

Early morning after breakfast we will start our raft from Jhangree. Today will be a day to test our team spirit as we will come across the famous Harkapur I and II (Class V-) rapids. Then Sunkoshi merges with Dudh koshi and depending on the season and water levels, the rapids may or may not be runnable. So, a group will make careful decisions, as we always put safety first. Our campsite for the day will be at the beautiful Raighat beach.

Day 05 Rasuwa Ghat (501 m)

After breakfast, we will start rafting and meet some exciting rapids such as Jaws Rapid (Class IV-) followed by the notorious “Dead Man Eddy”. The main highlight of day 5 rafting is the rapid “Rhino Rock” (Class IV). True to its name, this rapid looks like the horn of a rhinoceros. Today, the decision of the guide will help you pass the rapids. At last, we will set up our camp for the night at Rasuwaghat.

Day 06 Waterfall

As we continue rafting down the river, we will enter tropical vegetation. During this time Sun Koshi becomes narrower, and we will be passing through a region referred to as “Jungle Corridor” which is full of continuous rapids. As we move ahead, we come across a series of waterfalls – un-spoilt and serene. Finally, this day’s camp will be near the Waterfall by the side of Sun Koshi.

Day 07 Tribeni

On this day, the waters of SunKoshi are calmer now. We can relax as we pass through smaller waves. However, on the way, we will come across two exciting rapids – Big Dipper (Class IV) followed by Black hole (Class III). Soon, Arun and Tamor mix with Sun Koshi at Tribeni (which means confluence of three rivers in Nepali). A total of seven rivers have now joined Sun Koshi and it is now called Sapta (which in Nepali means seven) Koshi. Our camp that day will be at Tribeni.

Day 08 Chatara (153 m) to Kathmandu

Today, we will raft until we reach the famous Baraha temple. We will do some sightseeing here then we will paddle to Chatara – our final put out point. We will have our lunch at some local restaurant. Then, from Chatara, we will drive for 14 to 15 hours to reach Kathmandu. However, we will stop our bus on the way for dinner at a Nepali restaurant. On the other hand,  you can choose to stop at Chitwan National Park to enjoy the wildlife. There is one more option, you may go to Biratnagar from Chatara and then fly to Kathmandu.

What to expect?

Price Includes

  • Professional English speaking licensed guide
  • Highly trained and safety certified rafters guide in swift water rescue, Guiding, and Wilderness first aid.
  • Quality rafting and kayaking equipment such as boat kayaks, helmets, paddles, dry bags, etc.
  • Treated drinking water
  • Two-way transportation
  • River permits
  • Team photos and videos
  • Lunch

Price Excludes

  • Visa, flights, and other taxes
  • Person accessories such as telephone bills, shopping
  • Any kinds of alcoholic Beverages
  • Tips for Guides and Drivers( we pay our guides and drivers fairly but if you want you can tip them personally)
  • Any kinds of accommodation, if you stay anywhere at the hotels.


Travel insurance is compulsory for all Clients undertaking any tour. It should provide adequate protection for the full duration of the tour to cover personal injury, medical expenses, repatriation expenses, helicopter evacuation, loss of luggage, etc. For your kind information, we would like to give a list of the insurance companies, please inquire with them.

  •  USA and Canada: Tugo, United Health Care, World Nomad, Blue Cross
  • Australia and New Zealand: Fast Cover, Allianz Australia
  • Singapore: Ergo, World Nomad (Explore plan level 3)
  • Europe: Europe Assistance, Austrian Alpine Club, Allianz Europe
  • India: ICICI Lombard


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Unique path trekking company has excellent staff on ground to make the trekking experience very enjoyable and memorable. The guide and porters go out of their way to make each and every member of the team feel safe and secured. Mr Babu the founder owner of the company is very responsive and is able to assist every member of the team with their individual needs. I would recommend engaging Unique Path for Himalaya trekking.
Sandeep Dasgupta
Sandeep Dasgupta
I like trekking with Unique Path, the guides of this company many times made my way comfortable and safe. I traveled with them to Lobuche, Mera, Island and other places solo and in the groups with my friends. Unique Path is a reliable partner and I plan to trek with them again in Langtang region this autumn.
Andrey Oktyabrev
Andrey Oktyabrev
I have used Unique Path three times and each time the team were all helpful, friendly and informative. Every aspect of our trip to Nepal was taken care of - Pick up at the airport to take us to our hotel. Next day the excitement of getting our trekking details and depending on the trip setting out with our guide and porter. My husband and I prefer to hike on our own, so we did no group options. Our itinerary was always followed exactly. When I go hiking in Nepal this company is my first point of contact. They are a great team and are totally recommended by me and my husband.
Sylvia Schillings
Sylvia Schillings
Unique Path is a great choice for anyone who wants to explore the Himalayas. My wife and I made several treks with Unique Path to Manaslu, Kangchenjunga, Tilicho Lake, and Mustang. It goes without saying, that the scenery in Nepal is stunning. Lots of opportunity to learn about the culture and religion and traditions of Nepal. The people we met along the way were engaging and wonderful. Unique Path's staff was fantastic throughout all the trips. They were very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. They arranged everything from transportation to accommodation to food. They also provided all the necessary equipment and guidance and handled all the permit applications. I highly recommend Unique Path trekking to anyone who loves adventure and nature. These were once-in-a-lifetime experiences that I will never forget. I am available as a reference. David
DaveBessie Parsnick
DaveBessie Parsnick
I have yet to conclude this trip due to the Pandemic but Babu's response and tour guide plan has been exemplary - I cannot wait to make the trip!
Rachel Glaysher
Rachel Glaysher
Myself and 2 buddies hired Unique Path Trekking to coordinate an EBC trek back in 2014. We couldn't have been more happy with the results...Everything went flawlessly and we had the adventure of a lifetime. Babu and his staff / guides / porters were top-notch and I highly recommend them to anyone who may be reading this.
Marc Ferrari
Marc Ferrari
As with all treks, there will be unforeseen circumstances and you’re always beholden to nature. So you want a guide and an agency that is not only experienced enough but also sensitive and quick to changes on ground. I am very grateful for the deep experience that our guide, Dambar had. He made us feel safe and constantly had everything under control despite the weather and some early sickness some of us had. Coupled with his sharp wit and deep knowledge, this became such an enjoyable climb that was filled with priceless stories that I can’t wait to tell the kids about. The porters too were a lively bunch that ultimately became friends and we shared lots of fun moments on the mountain together. Babu ensured that our arrivals, arrangements and any administrative hassles were smooth and out of our minds so we could focus on the climb ahead. Thank you Unique Path trekking & expedition. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a great time while knowing you’re in safe hands!
Josiah Ng
Josiah Ng
We were very fortunate to have Unique Path Trekking for our EBC with 3 Himalaya passes expedition, we were so happy/satisfied with Unique Path trekking. Babu ( owner of Unique Path Trekking) is so kind, knowledgeable and mellow personality so does their staff ( all guides and porters ). We had great time during this expedition in terms of lodging/food. We had large group ( ~ 18 ppl ) and believe or not no one had any single complain of food. Their guides and porters are so knowledgeable, smart, humorous made our entire expedition lots of fun. They take care of us with positive attitudes with smiley face in entire trip. I definitely recommend Unique Path Trekking for any expedition in Himalaya ( we're looking forward to go with them in Annapurna expedition in near future ). You will very glad/happy if you choose Unique Path and Trekking.
Umesh Patel
Umesh Patel
Babu and his group are exceptional We have done 2 trips organized by Babu We went to Everest base camp and recently to chitwan, Pokara and part of Annapurna cercuit Their guides are very good We will definitely use Babu and his guides again
Guru Motgi
Guru Motgi
I just returned from a wonderful hike to Everest base camp with helicopter return. I was traveling solo am so grateful to Manager Babu and guide Suresh for looking after me. It is a trip I will remember the rest of my life. We started with a half day tour of Kathmandu and then flew to lukla on the next day to begin the trek. All the arrangements were made ahead of time and the folks unique path team constantly got on the phone to make sure the logistics went smoothly. Suresh kept a moderate pace and a great sense of humor. We made good time throughout the hikes and always got to the lodges on time and in daylight with energy left for the next day. The weather also cooperated this March and we had beautiful sunny skies and gorgeous Mountain View’s throughout the trek. I really could not ask for anything more and would very much recommend unique path
Janice Cheng
Janice Cheng