With nearly twenty five years of experience in the tourism industry, Unique Path has discovered new heights as a Nepalese tour operator. We have developed a reputation in this industry as one of the best tour providers for foreigners and continue to do so.
Our Managing Director and founder Mr. Babu Sitaula has worked hard from the scratch to bring forth this amazing company that is Unique Path. He worked as a Porter, Guide, and finally climbed up the ladder to found his own company. This industry has given him great experience and knowledge regarding local culture, tourism, history, geography, and all the requirements for a perfect tour operator.
Now, he aims to provide his clients with utmost convenient and knowledgeable tour experience. Our traveling service goes across borders to Tibet and Bhutan, of which we have great knowledge regarding history and culture.
We have listed over 450 packages regarding Trekking and Tour. We have designed our packages in a way suitable for all kinds of travelers. From trekking in the bliss of the Himalayas to canoeing in the fresh rivers of Nepal, you will find countless opportunities to explore this country with Unique Path. Our team of dedicated members are committed to returning the clients home with a happy smile on their faces and a heart full of happy memories.
Moreover, we aim to make our excursions insightful and full of exciting facts. Our cultural tour has had a number of tourists in love with the country’s history and culture. We hope to keep providing such insightful yet entertaining tours and trekking experiences to all our future clients.
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