Get to Know About Tibet

How to enter Tibet?

There are four common routes for visiting Tibet. They are as follows:

  • Kathmandu to Lhasa by flight
  • Beijing-Lhasa- Chengdu –Lhasa by flight
  • Kathmandu Kodari by over land by flight
  • Beijing to Lhasa by train.

Does Unique Path arrange visa and other travel documents for traveling in Tibet?

What are the trips leaders like?

Is independent tour allowed in Tibet?

What is the best season for tour in Tibet?

What medical preparations the travelers need to make before Tibet tours?

What is high altitude sickness?

How to avoid and treat the high altitude sickness?

What type of insurance should I have? Can I get there?

What equipment should I bring?

What should I keep in mind when I contact with the Tibetans?

View from Renjola pass – Everest area