Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

There is no doubt, we are professional on trekking and tourism business. But we are also guided by a philosophy that tourism can be defined as an important creative force in order to create awareness about the importance of maintaining a pristine environment in the countryside intact among locals.

We believe that with tourism, not only tourists but locals also learn how to minimize pollution, and come to realize the importance of local cultures, religion, and heritage in this era of globalization. As a trekking office, we have done our best to create awareness about the environment at local levels, and thereby helped people as well as ourselves to preserve the natural beauties of this country. Importantly, some part of the sum of
our net profits is allocated for educational and environmental programs. So far, we have centralized our social contribution mainly in two ways:


Unique Path Trekking supports several social-oriented activities launched by the Spirit Foundation Nepal. We have always followed and helped the Foundation’s mission of providing basic educational facilities in the remotest parts of Nepal, mainly in the Dhading district. It is a fact that students in such areas suffer from basic educational facilities. They lack proper school buildings, furniture, reading and writing materials, and library, and other facilities such as toilet, clinics, and sports materials.

We do also donate some significant percentage of our profits to the Foundation on a yearly basis. And such support functions as instrumental help to provide the better education for the children living in the remotest corners of Nepal.

We also conduct a number of Charity Treks throughout the year so that tourists can visit and support several school projects. Our charity Trek itinerary combines adventure with humanities. With us, you can experience the everlasting memories associated not only with the great Himalayas but also the humanities from the remotest communities in the world.

With us, trekkers can also make ‘volunteer stay’ in the village. Many of such volunteers have taught in schools in the remotest parts of this country and helped local children to realize how beautiful is life.

Please contact us if you wish to teach in such schools and to help such students. For more details visit: Spirit Foundation Nepal

Environment Responsible

We strongly believe that nature is the biggest asset in this world. Believing this, Unique Path Trekking creates events keeping nature in the centre. Our crews are well-trained and aware of some possible impact to the environment that tourism can create. We realize that professionals like us can play some important roles in protecting and promoting a balanced ecological environment. We ensure that our expeditions comply with policies which are socially, environmentally and culturally friendly. We strongly feel that our treks can help to protect environment by making locals know how to minimizing pollution, protect and promote local traditions, religion and heritage in the benefit of local communities. We all agree that low impact trekking/touring is the best way to preserve the beautiful and fragile places where we take you in Nepal.

We are dedicated to save global environment, preserve the natural beauty of our country, and importantly to make your journeys in Nepal very colorful and everlasting beautiful memories in your life.