People of Tibet

Like those in other Tibetan regions, the major local residents here are Tibetan. There are also many other nationalities like Menba, Luoba and Nu whose living customs differ from each other. The local Tibetan’s dialect is close to that spoken in Lhasa though; their dressing style is more like that of the warrior at the border”. Both men and women wear “Guoxiu”, a sort of long shawl and Gongbu hat, which seems to tell their long national history. But today less and less people have such hats. The young generations are fonder of the Shanglin hat learned from Shangangqulin, Shanna and made of colorful satin. Another typical traditional dressing is the Gongbu boot, but it is also out of date now.

The Luoba People consists of over 20 tribes like Mixinba, Miguba etc in the Grand Canyon area. The historical record suggests that “Luoba” in the ancient time referred to those living in Luoyu and meant “the people from the south”. As a very old nationality, Luoba has a lot of strange and inviting customs.