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Nepal is a country of exceptional biodiversity and a beautiful natural environment. The tropical jungles of the Terai preserve some of the best wildlife habitat in the subcontinent. Nepal has 16 national parks, wildlife reserves and conservation areas, occupying 16 percent of its total geographical area.

For those who wish to experience the natural environment at its best there is no better place to visit than Nepal. The outdoor adventure sports into the wilderness to see wild animals, birds and natural beauty. You ride on an elephant’s back or on a four wheeler jeep accompanied by a fully trained guide (also known as expert Naturalists) for the love of nature and animals. In Nepal, Chitwan and Bardia are two hot dishes on the menu. Pick Chitwan as this is Nepal’s most popular National Park offering excellent opportunity to see Royal Bengal Tigers, One horned Rhino, crocodile and thrilling wilderness experience into its deep and thick jungle. Pick Bardia also, as this is another National Park, which offers excellent jungle safari. Here too you can ride on an elephant or a take four wheel to discover some of Nepal’s unspoiled natural habitats.

Most jungle safari consists of canoe rides on the jungle rivers, nature walks, birds watching excursions and quick tours around the villages to discover unique culture and traditions of the local village people. There are also scheduled cultural-musical programs performed by the villages, which are also in the Jungle Safari itinerary.

Chitwan and Bardia national park have excellent accommodation.

Wildlife Safari Packages

Bardia National Park

  • price: N/A
  • Grade: Easy
  • Country: Nepal

Established in 1984, this park is situated in Nepal’s western Terai It covers 968 sq km The park ...

Chitwan National Park

  • price: N/A
  • Duration: 2 nights to 3 days
  • Country: Nepal

Chitwan national park is situated in southwestern of Nepal and covers 932 sq km This is Nepal’s first ...

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Nepal is a popular tourist destination in south Asia.

Tourist Visa

Foreign visitors, other than Indian nationals, who intends to visit Nepal must hold valid passport.

Nepal At a Glance

Nepal is a Kingdom of high Himalayan Mountains, artistic monuments exotic wild life and diverse culture.

Natural Resource

Nepal covers a span of 147,181 sq. kilometers ranging from altitude of 70 meters to 8,848 meters.

Do & Don't

Nepal is here to change you not for you to change it.

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Popular Packages

Everest Gokyo Ri Trek

  • price: USD 1125
  • Duration: 12 Days
  • Grade: Moderate

This trek features the unbelievable scenery of the remote Gokyo Valley and its festival of beautiful ...

Annapurna Circuit Trek

The high point of the trek entails crossing of the 5414m high Throng Pass, from the arid valley of the ...

Everest Base Camp Trek

  • price: USD 1225
  • Duration: 14 Days
  • Grade: Moderate

Everest base camp trek, a super adventure full of enjoyable & exciting moment from the beginning to ...