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Trekking In Nepal…As you hike the trails, hum your favorite song and soak in the
beauty… view scenery you’ve never seen before…
Trekking in Nepal is a relaxing and sensational feeling, its also a test for your physical
and emotional stability to your mind. The vast nature of landscapes ranging from the
snow-capped mountains heights of the Himalayan region, bare rocky mountain climbs
with an abundance of flora and fauna, and fertile colorful vegetation, all combine to make
trekking in Nepal as exciting as it gets. Trekkers from all around the globe visit Nepal
throughout the year to explore its wilderness of; many say there’s nothing like it
anywhere on the face of the Earth. The sensation of camping under the blue sky in the
Himalayas, and watching the sky on a moonlit starry night is truly joyous. Campfires
under moonlight, singing, dancing and feasting in the wild, bonding with newly made
friends, warms the heart. Spending holidays in the wilderness is probably the best relief
globe trotters can opt for. There’s never a dull moment when you’re on the trails.
Furthermore, Nepal, with eight of the top ten highest summits in the world where some
of the most amazing landscapes are only reachable on foot, trekkers are enthralled with
the opportunities to experience wonderful natural beauty, ivory snowcapped peaks, jaded
forests and blossoms of rhododendrons as we hike the trails.
Trekking and Hiking amidst some of the most wonderful trails in the world…only
in Nepal’s Himalayas…
Tea house lodges…as they are.
As trekking is done by foot for pleasure, Nepal offers the clip-clop rhythm of foot
travel on beaten trails or virgin tracks which usually consists of a series of ascents
and descents walking 5 to 7 hours a day. A guide, cook and porters and on some
occasions, pack animals are used for 9 to14 km per day on average is considered to
be an essential part for trekking.
As trekkers leave home and cross the oceans to explore the unknown; to get the feel
of the wild, they rely on guides for identifying tracks and introduction to the local
people along with the diversified culture and lifestyle. The trekking trails pass through
stunning views of snow-capped mountains, forests of rhododendron, bamboo, oak, and
hemlock forests along and across villages with spiritual and unique cultures inhabited by
various ethnic groups, century old temples and monasteries that display the mountain
cultures of Nepal. Some of the best trekking regions in the world lie in the Himalayas of
The trekking routes help you discover yourself as you come face-to-face with nature, and
interacting with the local people while learning of their lifestyles and traditions adds to
the gripping experiences you get while trekking in this part of the world. The challenges
are made up for by perfectly balanced ecosystems and the friendly local folks you meet
up on the way. And the cooling modest climate, especially in the spring, warms the soul.

Unique Path Treks is always ready to take you where you want to go, as our job is to
ensure your comfort and safety, at your own pace. We help you to discover things you
had no idea existed and show you what you have come to see.
Teahouse treks are simply staying in local cosy lodges, promising a great sense of
adventure. There’s no need of carrying lots of equipment like on campaign treks. We
only take our necessary gears and the porters carry them for us. You have to sacrifice
privacy, trekking at your pace, and enjoy the peace and quiet at night while enjoying your
sleep. Your meals are taken care of and your trekking guide will assist in arranging all
this for you. You will be welcomed warmly at these family run teahouse lodges. You will
be supplied with fresh and organic hygienic food grown on the land of the lodge available
on the trail. The Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and other commonly trekked regions
provide decent accommodations. Luxury lodges are also available in the region and can
also be a rendezvous for trekkers from around the globe. Also you get to learn firsthand
about the lifestyle of Nepali people living on the trails.
While on the mountains, you follow a natural routine. You wake up in the morning with a
cup of piping hot coffee/tea brought in by your guide or porter, have breakfast then walk
for around 3-4 hours before lunch and a little rest at the next village. Then you take off
for another round of 3-4 hours of hiking during the afternoon. You can hike at a pace that
suits you best. You can relax and take time to capture those moments with nature in
photos, especially on less taxing routes. Hauling up in teahouses gives you a homely
feeling of relaxation.
Camping Treks off the Beaten Road …
The thrilling sensations you get are numerous on your journey in the wild and camping is
one of them. The purity, with breathtaking views imprints in your mind experiences
forever while trekking/camping in this country with its vast natural settings. Camping
treks are the more popular type of treks in Nepal and it can be done in almost any part of
the journey. This type of trek is available with guides, cooks, porters, assistants, kitchen
crew, and camp helpers, who all play an important role in your accommodation during
the journey which makes the trekking so much more organized when ‘off the beaten
track’. Unique Path Treks provides camping treks based on teamwork where everyone
works together to make the trip more fun on the tracks as well as the destination. We
avoid the consumption of junk foods and provide more freshly cooked food. We also
make sure to use fresh organic vegetables and fruits. We also provide high quality
kitchen and cooking materials and tents for various different purposes accordingly.
Equipment includes chairs, mattresses and sleeping bags. We never hesitate to go the
mile to ensure you get the best. This makes us feel personally gratified. Since we know
the discomforts that may happen during treks, we provide porters to carry provisions,
equipment and trekkers’ luggage for more comfort on the punishing but beautiful trails.
We provide 3 meals a day with tea, coffee and hot chocolate. Our menu is flexible as per
your choices. Also you’ll have the opportunity to learn the culture and language of Nepali
people and gain some understanding on the lifestyle of the locals.

With Unique Path Treks & Expedition, trekking becomes a sense of purpose and
meaning, we take you to places others just pass by; we know how much you enjoy
trekking the lovely mountains of Nepal. Please visit our website for more detailed
information, get friendly with us.

How Can You Trek In Nepal?

This package covers all major tourist destinations of Nepal including three major cities in Kathmandu i.e. Kathmandu, Bhaktapur & Patan. Rafting in the Trisuli river and a drive to Pokhara, one of the most picturesque cities of Nepal. A rare combination of snow-clad mountains, crystal clear lakes,


On a camping trek you will sleep in tents. The staff includes a guide, cook, Sherpa and sufficient porters to carry all trekking gear. Even if you have never camped before, there is no need to worry that you won’t enjoy the experience. The tents we provide are roomy, the sleeping pads/ mattresses are comfortable and international style food of a high standard is freshly prepared and served. On all of our treks a bathroom tent is provided as well as a dining tent with tables and camp stools, providing a cozy, comfortable atmosphere to eat and chat with fellow trekkers during the evening.


In Nepal on the more popular treks, enterprising villagers have built tea-house lodges. In popular areas such as Annapurna, Everest and Langtang, Tea Houses are more like hotels, with hot showers, western food, and private rooms (twin sharing). In this arrangement overnight halts with dinner and breakfast will be in Tea-houses (Lodges) and lunches in local restaurants en-route. Furthermore as you will be staying in locally owned lodges you will be benefiting and interacting with the local community. It will give you a true feel for the Nepalese people and their lives.

On trek you are guided by an English speaking local guide and all main baggage is carried by porters, yaks or horses.


This is another way of doing trekking in Nepal. For economy treks, we provide a guide as well as a sufficient number of porters as per your demand so that our clients can be relieved of carrying the majority of their possessions and bask in the glory of this majestic environment.

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