Trip Facts
  • Duration
    20 Days
  • Grade
  • Country
  • Arrival
    TIA, Kathmandu
  • Departure
    TIA, Kathmandu
  • Group Size
    2 - 15
  • Max Altitude
  • Meal
    Breakfast in Kathmandu / Full board in Trekking (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner).

Manaslu Trek

Manaslu Trek is a well-loved trekking route, providing with pristine mountain views, rich culture and genuine adventure sum up the trek experience around the 8156m Manaslu. Opened in 1992, this area offers a combination of rich culture heritage, unsurpassed beauty and biological diversity.

Manaslu at 8163 meters (26, 775′) is the 8th highest peak in the world and is located near to the border of Nepal and Tibet. The name Manaslu means “The Spirit-Mountain” in the local dialect, referring to the benevolent and strong deity, which dwells within. Trekking in Manaslu is one of the most delightful adventures.

If you would like to sample both extremes of the trekking experience in Nepal, and really get to see what all the fuss is about in terms of the most breath-taking mountain scenery on earth, then look no further than the circuit of Manaslu via the Larkya La. The Tibetan enclave of Nupri, north of Manaslu at the head of the Buri Gandaki, was closed to foreigners for years on account of its proximity to Tibet. The area was surreptitiously opened in 1991, but it took several years for the word to get out.

trip highlights

  • Exciting Bamboo Bridge to cross
  • Familiarizes to the multiethnic villagers of the region
  • Scenic views of Tibet and an insight into Tibetan way of living through various monasteries and Tibetan settlements
  • An exciting climb to Shyala for a panaromic view of Himalchuli
  • Trekking in ankle-deep snow
  • Wonderful passes “Larkhya Pass”

Your Safety is our concern

The safety and the well being of our groups are of paramount importance to us. All of our trips are led by qualified professional guides, who are well trained by our Government. Our job is to ensure your comfort and safety as we take you where you want to go, because your holiday is ours. In this regards, we work honestly and effectively to provide you the Himalayan experience that suits your interest. We encourage you to question us freely and contribute in the planning stages of your adventure.

Manaslu Trek glimpse

Itinerary can be designed along your preferences. Please let us know whether you would like to make a shorter or longer we will follow accordingly.

Extend your Trip
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  • Day 01

    Arrival in Kathmandu airport (1345meters). There you will be met by our Airport Representative and transferred to hotel by private tourist vehicle. Overnight at hotel at 3 stars level, inclusive breakfast.

  • Day 02

    Kathmandu, make a permit and brief regarding about the trip overnight at hotel at 3 stars level, inclusive breakfast.

  • Day 03

    Drive to Arughat (700m). Driving 5:30 hours. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 04

    Trek to Sati Khola (815m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 05

    Trek to Labu Besi (900m.) O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 06

    Trek to Jagat (1250m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 07

    Trek to Ngyak (1950m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 08

    Trek to Ghap (2050m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 09

    Trek to Lho (3148m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 10

    Trek to Samagompa (3517m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 11

    Trek to Samdo (3738m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 12

    Trek to Dharamashala(4480) O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 13

    Rest and acclimatization. O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 14

    Larkya La pass (5213m), and trek down to Bhimtang (3890m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 15

    Trek to Tilje (3010m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 16

    Trek to Tal (1725m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 17

    Trek to Syange(1175m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan].

  • Day 18

    Trek to Besishar(825m). O/N at mountain lodge. [B L D Plan]

  • Day 19

    Drive by bus to Kathmandu and transfer to the hotel at 3 stars level, 5:30 hours driving. O/N at hotel. [B L Plan].

  • Day 20

    After breakfast, the trip ends, our Airport Representative will drop you to the Kathmandu international airport for your final flight departure from Nepal. 7 hours driving. O/N at Hotel

  • 01 Day
    Arrival in Kathmandu airport (1345meters).

    There you will be met by our Airport Representative and transferred to hotel by private tourist vehicle. Overnight at hotel on BB plan.

  • 02 Day

    Make a permit and brief regarding about the trip.

  • 03 Day
    Drive to Aarughat by Landcruiser

    Your Trekking staff will come to your Hotel early in the morning at 8.00 am to pick you up, from there we have an 6 hour driving journey to Arughat. O/N at mountain lodge

  • 04 Day
    Trek to Soti Khola (775meters) 6 hours

    Follow the Budhi Gandaki River toward its point of origin. We pass the village of Morder and Simre to reach Arkhat River. After Arkhat we ascend slowly toward Kyoropani. Camp today nears the confluence of Seti River – an ideal place to take a fresh water bath. O/N at mountain lodge

  • 05 Day
    Trek to Machha Khola (900meters) 5.30 hours

    The trail descends slowly until you climb again to mountain ridge to Almara. Pass the forest trail to arrive at Riden Gaon. The valley here cuts into another side of the river to enter Budhi Gandaki. At Lambesi, the trail follows down to the sandy river bed of Budhi Gandaki. Camp tonight at Machha River. O/N at mountain lodge

  • 06 Day
    Trek to Jagat (1340meters) 6 hours

    After crossing Machha River and Khrola besi, there is a hot spring called “Tatopani”. The trail follows forested area after this toward Dovan. Below Dovan, there is a huge rapid at Budhi Gandaki. As the elevation increases, the rapids and the scenery undergoes a complete transformation. At Jagat, there is a police check-post where your trekking permit will be checked. O/N at mountain lodge.

  • 07 Day
    Trek to Ngyak (2310meters) 6 hours

    After ascending to a terraced hill of Saguleri and view of Sringi Himal (7177 meters) we continue toward Sirish Gaon, Gandaki valley narrows from herewith soaring precipitous walls. O/N at mountain lodge

  • 08 Day
    Trek to Ghap (2100meters) 6 hours

    Follow the trail upstream of Deng River – a tiny village of 4 houses. We walk through a newly built rock tunnel from here, thus avoiding the traditional steep climb. At Ghap, the Tibetan culture begins with Mani stones and chortens all around. O/N at mountain lodge.

  • 09 Day
    Trek to Lho (3200meters) 6 hours

    Today is a wonderful trekking day; after passing through the seemingly deserted seasonal village of Nambachhe, planted with fields of barley and lined with mani walls, we ascend through a dense, cool forest for an half an hour, crossing the Buri Gandaki once on a wooden bridge, to Namrung, at 2540 meters, where we will stop for a cup of chai at a lodge run by a Tibetan family. As we gain altitude, we reach alpine territory and are treated to increasing mountain views. Namrung village is the start of Nubri, the region of purely Tibetan inhabitants speaking a dialect of western Tibet. Above this village the valley opens out and there are extensive pastures. A few hours later, we reach the village of Lihi at 2840 meters, a substantial altitude gain. We are climbing climb gently now, cross a large stream flowing down from the Lidanda Glaciers, and reach the picturesque Tibetan village of Sho at 3000m, where we stop for lunch. Look for the bear claw on the upper deck of the house, and across the river to the ruins of an old Tibetan fort. From Sho, the views of Ngadi Chuli are spectacular, and further on, towards Lho, we are finally treated to views of Manaslu itself; quite an impressive afternoon! We set up camp in Lho, a lively village adorned with many prayer flags, in the yard of a small lodge. Sunset and sunrise from the campsite are wonderful, and the small gompa just below our campsite worth a visit. O/N at mountain lodge

  • 10 Day
    Trek to Sama Gaon (3500meters) 6 hours

    Walking through the upper reaches of Lho, with the snowy peaks of Manaslu ahead of us in the distance, we pass the new gompa and then ascend through light forests next to a small river to reach the Tibetan settlement of Shyla, where the villagers are often out in the fields. Another few hours of trekking through classic alpine scenery leads us past Tibet grazing settlements, the train to Pung Gyan Gompa, and then Sama Gaon, or Ro, as the locals call it. Sama Gaon sits in a bowl at the foot of the pastures leading to the high peaks, with mani walls, a small gompa and tightly packed rows of houses at the lower reaches of village, and the large gompa at the upper reaches. The people settled here from Tibet over 500 years ago, and the two gompas date from this time, both having unique architecture and built of wood. The Tibetan villages here have entrance gates which are very distinctive from the Tibetan ones, and they maintain an active trade with their co-religionists in Tibet (notice the Chinese brandy and beer on sale). If the weather is good, you will see the village women weaving wool (baal) from Tibet into gowns – which are then traded back to Tibet. Taxes were actually paid to the Dzongka Dzong (fortress) at the border of Tibet, a few days walk from Sama Gaon, as late as the 1940’s until it was taken over by the Gorkas in the late 19th century. Later, after 1959, the region was home to Tibetan guerillas, and thus closed to trekking until 1992.

    Take the afternoon to hike up to the gompa above town, and to wander the streets of the fascinating Sama Gaon village. O/N at mountain lodge.

  • 11 Day
    Trek to Samdo (3850meters) 5 hours

    Another day of incredible mountain views during the walk up to Samdo, an easy three hours away. En route we pas the long mani walls at Kermo Kharka, after which we spot the entrance chorten of Samdo high on a bluff. We descend back to the Bhudi Gandaki and cross a small bridge before another short climb to the ‘kane’ entrance of Samdo; look back down valley for great views. The villagers of Samdo came across the border from the village of Riu after 1959 and built their new village here, at their old herding settlement (see below). Samdo village is a collection of houses and lodges at 3850 meters, and most trekkers miss the heat of a week ago as we huddle around the stove and a wind from Tibet batters the windowpanes. Get out and take a walk around the village, where the inhabitants live an essentially Tibetan lifestyle, herding their yaks, sheep and goats, training their horses and planting barley. There is a small home gompa in a house mid-village which we visited during our last village, a puja being held by several of the reincarnated lamas living in the Samdo. O/N at mountain lodge

  • 12 Day
    Acclimatization and exploration day. We will spend a day here in order to acclimatize and adjust to the thinning of the air and also for local excursion

    On our rest day here why not a day trip to the border of Tibet; no passport required. It takes five hours walking to the Gya La (‘large pass’) to do just that, and then take in the views and ruminate on the border markers at the top: ‘China, 1962.’ We will probably share the trail with groups of Samdo residents, carrying timbers over the border to Tibet. True High Asia! Like the people of Ro, Samdo inhabitants are Tibetan, and were ceded the land by the king of Jumla over 500 years ago; but, unlike the Ro people, they only claimed their land after the Chinese takeover in the early 1950s. Since then they have established a trade with China and India, marketing among other things, the aphrodisiac root that grows in the region. We’ll try to get into some of the local houses for chang (Tibetan barley beer), salt butter tea and perhaps a few carpets to buy! O/N at mountain lodge

  • 13 Day
    Trek to Dharamsala/Larkya Phedi (4460meters) 4 hours

    We leave on the trade route to Tibet and climb through the ruins of Larkya bazaar, one of the trade markets that flourished years back. After two hours of climbing past glaciers, with increasingly awe-inspiring panoramas, we come to the campsite at Dharamsala, where we have lunch and gaze out at the views. You’ll really feel the altitude and the cold here, so enjoy a more leisurely afternoon and keep warm. We’ll have an early dinner in preparation for our pass crossing tomorrow. Overnight at Tented Camp.

  • 14 Day
    Cross Larkya La (5215meters) and trek to Bimtang (3590meters) 7 hours

    After a short climb above the campsite, we reach the ablation valley on the North side of the Larkya Glaciers where we have views of Cho Danda and then of Larkya Peak. We continue across the moraines of the glacier, making a gradual ascent which becomes steeper only in the last section to the pass, which should take us about three hours to crest. From the pass, there are outstanding views of Himlung Himal, Cheo Himal, Kangguru and the huge other II. If there is fresh snow, we may see Snow Leopard prints from the evening before; it’s also blue sheep (Bharal) and Tibetan Snow Cock territory.

    The views from the top of the pass are truly unbelievable. After hanging our Tibetan prayer flags, and yelling ‘Ki ki so so lha gyalo’ (may the Gods be victorious), get ready for a steep, ankle straining drop to a trail following the glacial moraine, very slippery if covered in snow so have your ‘Yak tracks’ ready if you’ve brought them, and definitely use trekking poles. It is a longer day then usual to our campsite at Bimtang, but to walk into these low pastures with the evening mist coming in and Manaslu; it’s an experience not to be missed. A boulder-strewn descent brings us, finally, to Bimtang, where the three sisters of the ‘Three Sisters Hotel’ are on hand with Himalayan chilled beer. Overnight at Tented Camp.

  • 15 Day
    Trek to Tilje (2500meters) 5 hours

    The campsite at Bimtang is frigid in the morning, so get to the dining tent quickly for a cup of fresh coffee! Porters pour hot water over tent pegs to get them out. Pee bottles freeze. No option if you want to get warm, move down valley into the sun, through forested hillsides to Tilje, at the end of our lost world. Here the inhabitants are a mix of Manangis (of Tibetan descent) and Chettris (Hindus), so eat a mix of dal bhaat, buckwheat dhiro, tsampa and Tibetan tea. The gorge ahead marks the land of apple pie, cold beers and hot showers – the other Circuit. Overnight mountain lodge.

  • 16 Day
    Trek to Tal (1725meters) 5 hours

    Follow the trail downstream of Marshyangdi River, passing through the scattered villages to reach Tal village for overnight stay. O/N at mountain lodge.

  • 17 Day
    Trek to Baundanda (1275meters) 5 hours

    Ascending gently for 30 minutes and the trail runs gently down to Sanjee village, then trail goes up for 15 minutes to Gharmuu Phant. From here another 2 hours easy walk and 30 minutes up will take to the village of Bahundanda. O/N at mountain lodge

  • 18 Day
    Trek to Beshisahar. 5 hours

    The last day of the trek, and a hot, five hour walk through gentle, muted hills and colorful villages to Bhulbhule and Khudi, where we will meet our transport back to Besi Sahar. If the road isn’t passable, we continue walk to Besi Sahar to start the five-hour drive back to Kathmandu following morning O/N at mountain lodge

  • 19 Day
    Drive back to Kathmandu by Japanese Toyota Hiace. 6 hours

    It is a different world back in the Nepali hills, and the gentle light sends us on our way back to the bustle of Nepal’s capital. O/N at hotel in Kathmandu.

  • 20 Day
    The trip ends

    After breakfast, the trip ends, our Airport Representative will drop you to the Kathmandu international airport for your final flight departure from Nepal.

Note of above trekking package plan:: B L D Plan = Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner are included. B L Plan = Breakfast and Lunch are included.

Trip FAQ

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  • How can I enter in Nepal?

    Nepal is a popular tourist destination in south Asia. Several airlines have direct and non-stop flights from Middle East and Asia to Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal.

    There are direct flights from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Doha, Osaka, Shanghi, Mascow, Bangkok, Singapore, Hongkong, Karachi, Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Paro, Dhaka, Lhasa, and Varanasi.

  • Is someone going to meet me at the airport? Are transfers included?

    Yes, our Airport Representative will come to the airport to pick you up. We will be displaying a play card of Unique Path trekking company with your name on it. Airport transfer is included.

  • Do I have pre-departure meeting?

    Yes, at first, our staff will receive you at the airport and transfer to the hotel and our tour leader will brief regarding about the trip. The briefing will cover the itinerary and introduced your trek Leader.

    While briefing, please bring Passport, 3 copies of Passport size photos, travel Insurance, writing pen and notepad.

  • What is our daily routine while in trekking?

    We wake-up call at 7 am an early morning. After a breakfast, we repack our duffel bag and leave it with our Sherpas.

    We are normally on the trail before 8 a.m. Trek at your own pace; all you need carry is a daypack and camera. Sherpa guides hike along to point out interesting flora, fauna and sights. Along the trail are spots to relax, purchase a snack or soda, use toilet facilities and shop for souvenirs.

    We will have lunch between 11:30 am to 12:30 afternoons. A typical day’s hike usually ends in the early afternoon about 3:30 pm to 4 pm. Time to read or nap before dinner.

    After dinner there is time to play cards, reflect on all the wondrous moments of your day and talk about tomorrow plan.

  • Is there any communication while we are on trekking?

    There are telephones service in all trekking routes and internet service in Everest, Annapurna and Langtang areas.

  • Can I re-charge camera batteries along the trek?

    Yes, Most of the places, you can charge batteries along the trek (per hour USD 2-3 for charging).

client references

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We would like to thank you for all your help and assistance during our extended stay in Kathmandu. We would also like to add a few words of gratitude and praise for Shyam who we feel added an extra element of enjoyment to our overall experience. His friendly approach and caring nature, always ensuring we were ok and looking after me when I was unwell are attributes that we really appreciated and we would like you to thank him again on our behalf. The information he shared with us about all the interesting points during our trek was repeated again and again and no matter how many times we asked him the same questions about mountain names or heights his responses always came back with a big smile and with enthusiasm. Shyam is a credit to your company, a guide to be very proud of. It is Shyam birthday today and he gave us his mobile phone number to stay in touch but we do not seem able to send him a text message, please can you confirm his number with the necessary country dialling codes, we have 9849234266 but we are not sure if we need to take off the first 9 – please can you help? Once again, many thanks for making our wonderful trip to Everest Base Camp possible, we had a most remarkable holiday. Thank You Kindest Regards

Paul & Angie

Seasons & deals

February to May and September to November are the high seasons in Nepal. In this regards, we need to book hotel, purchase domestic flight tickets and arrange good guide and porter in advance. So we kindly request to confirm your trip an early as possible for the best deal and good trip management.

Fixed Departure

  • Tour Starts
    Tour Ends

Price for Manaslu Trek on full board basis USD 1775 per person

Short Description Mode Of The Packages: What Are Included In The Packages?

Hotel accommodation in Kathmandu with breakfast at 3 stars level, Meals 3 times a day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trekking, Twin sharing comfortable private room in trekking, both ways domestic flight tickets from Kathmandu/Lukla/Kathmamndu, all the ground transportation by tourist vehicles, an experienced trekking guide and all the necessary permits, please find in details below what are included and excluded at the price as follows:

Service includes in details

  • All the ground transportation as per itinerary.
  • Hotel in Kathmandu (3 nights) with breakfast at 3 stars level.
  • Meals 3 times a day (Breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trekking for you. (Sample of trekking Menu)
  • Twin sharing comfortable and clean private room in trekking( 16 nights).
  • Trip Map.
  • An experienced, knowledgeable, helpful, friendly and English-speaking trekking guide and porter to carry your luggage during the trek (2 trekkers:1 porter).
  • Food, drinks, accommodation, insurance, salary, equipments, transportation, local tax for Guide and porter.
  • Group medical supplies (first aid kit will be available).
  • Four season sleeping bag and down jackets to use for trekking, if necessary.
  • Trip achievement appreciation certificate and Trekking Cap as a Souvenir (Sample of Certificate and Trekking Cap)
  • All necessary paper works and National park entry permits.
  • Travel & Rescue arrangement.
  • TIMS (Trekkers’ Information Management System).
  • All our government taxes, vat, local tax, tourist service charges.

service excludes in details

  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu (costs roughly USD 10 to USD 15 per person per day)- (Except welcome dinner).
  • All kinds of drinks in the mountain (hot, cold and alcoholic).
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu
  • Personal equipment.
  • International airfare to and from Kathmandu.
  • Travel and rescue insurance.
  • Extra personal expenses (phone calls, laundry, bar bills, battery recharge, laundry, shower, excess baggage charges)
  • Tips for trekking staff and driver (Tipping is expected).
  • Any others expenses which are not mentioned on ‘Price Includes’ section.

Want to customize above package?

Above package is based on standard full board. Beside standard full board package, we do offer budget package according by your desire. Price can be varied with a number of the participants, we kindly request to inquire for the latest pricing and up to date information.


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