Departure from Tribhuvan Domestic Airport for Lukla. From Lukla, proceed towards Everest areas to view Everest Glacier, Everest Ice Fall, Lhotse, South Col and the mighty Mount Everest itself.

Where is Nepal?

Nepal, a sovereign Independent Kingdom, lies between 80 degree 12′ east longitude and 26 degree 22′ and 30 degree 27′ north latitude. It is bounded on the north by the Tibet Autonomous Region of the People’s Republic of China; on the east by Sikkim and West Bengal of the Indian Union on the south by Indian States of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh and on the west by Uttar Pradesh of Indian Union. The length of the Kingdom is 885 kilometers east-west and its breath varies from 145 to 241 kilometers north-south. Climatically, it lies in the temperate zone with the added advantage of altitude.

Why is Nepal such a fascinating country for many people?

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Annapurna circuit via Tilicho lake

Annapurna circuit via Tilicho lake