Departure from Tribhuvan Domestic Airport for Lukla. From Lukla, proceed towards Everest areas to view Everest Glacier, Everest Ice Fall, Lhotse, South Col and the mighty Mount Everest itself.

How can I enter in Nepal?

Nepal is a popular tourist destination in south Asia. Several airlines have direct and non-stop flights from Middle East and Asia to Kathmandu, Capital of Nepal.

There are direct flights from London, Paris, Frankfurt, Doha, Osaka, Shanghi, Mascow, Bangkok, Singapore, Hongkong, Karachi, Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta, Paro, Dhaka, Lhasa, and Varanasi.

Is someone going to meet me at the airport? Are transfers included?

Do I have pre-departure meeting?

What is our daily routine while in trekking?

Is there any communication while we are on trekking?

Can I re-charge camera batteries along the trek?

What about water - are they available at each teahouse? I know we supposed to bring iodine tablets.

What kind of meals I can have during the trip?

What happens if there is an emergency?

Are the Unique Path Trekking Agency's staffs insured?

Could you give us some information about the guide?

What kinds of banking facilities in Nepal?

How safe traveling alone women with your company?

What happens if I need to leave the trip early?

Does your company arrange domestic and international flight and other services?

Does Unique Path trekking accept credit cards?

What if I arrive early or depart late? Can you arrange extra night lodging? Is there a single room option?

Can I bring some food from home?

Do I need a visa to travel to Nepal? What do I need to get my visa?

What's the common form of greeting in Nepal?

What are some basic Nepali customs that I should know about?

What time is it now in Nepal and what’s the phone code?

What is the currency of Nepal?

Are there ATM facilities in Nepal?

Will my Cell phone (mobile phone) work in Nepal?

What are health requirements to visit Nepal?

How can I book this trip?

Annapurna circuit via Tilicho lake

Annapurna circuit via Tilicho lake