Why book with us


Since there are so many trekking operators out there to make a confusing choice from, we’d like to highlight some key reasons why we think you should book with us to sort out your holiday in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Unique Path Trekking agendas will tell you why it’s good to book with us. We charge only what the service demands. There are no hidden costs and we work with any level of tourists.
We know our clients range from back packers to professional climbers.
Some points we are best than the rest.

  • Recommended on Tripadvisor

  • Easy Booking, Best Price Guarantee

  • Safe, Reliable and Trustworthy

  • Hassle Free service and support

  • Locally owned & operated since 1998

  • Modern and Quality Equipment

  • Above 70% repeated clients every year


We at Unique Path Trekking have been serving tourists across the globe for the last 20 years continuously. As a trekking company, Unique Path has played important role to widen the sphere of adventure tourism in Nepal. During the time, we have acquired skills and experiences enough to run adventure tourism in this county and call ourselves professionals of this field. We assure that once you make us partner in your adventure, you find yourself in a hassle free world. We provide services such as trekking, jungle safari, rafting, expedition, cultural tour and so on. Every booking you make with us is handled with highest responsibility. We take care of your life from the moment you land here in Kathmandu to begin your adventure to the point you make a departure to your destination.

Safety and Reliability

Your safety is the first and foremost thing we take care of. This is the reason why we recruit and work only with the professionals from porter to tour guide. They are officially certified professionals working for several years in the various sectors of Nepali tourism. Together we take care of your health, safety and budget as well as mood. We provide clear, concise and exact information. We hold a rich information bank about the local culture, climate and tourists’ joys and excitement. Do not worry about the high altitudes! We have trained staffs who can take care of everything you need. They are expert on mountain safety and first aid. We design our tours to ensure our clients get acclimatized, and can arrange alternative itineraries for those at risk. Just be frank with us, and tell us the budget and time you want to spend.

We are responsible tour operator. We maintain constant communication with our field offices. We study and follow each and every aspect of government policy. We update our staffs with weather forecast and so on. We would like to assure you that Unique Path has one of the best safety nets anywhere. We are on-call 24 hours a day and in case of any emergency, we can arrange helicopter rescue. Your health and comfort are our foremost priority. For this purpose, we know how to serve hygienic cuisine and provide the most suitable equipment and gear.

Unique Path Safe is known for the services provided to make their clients’ trip joyful. We know that the best way to achieve such goal is to combine accurate preparation and realistic expectations. With this in mind, we work honestly and effectively to provide you the Himalayan experience that suits your interest. We encourage you to question us freely and contribute in the planning stages of your adventure.

Varieties of Trips:

Unique Path has dealt with varieties of clients and their interests over the two decades. This has made us rich in handling tour operations throughout the season. We offer wide varieties of trekking, tours and adventure trips. We design it according to the interest of tourists. With novice trekkers we have plans that suits them best and with experienced travelers we know how to gratify their desire to explore the nature of this part of the world. It does not matter whether you want to stay for two days or two months in the Himalayas. We regard both equally significant. We tailor your itineraries to suit your needs and desires, and modify our services accordingly. We are famous for taking our clients through un-trodden areas with the ever present, panoramic Himalayan peaks in the background. We know exactly are the narrow mountain paths which take you through some dense mountain forests. We also know how to reach to the one of the most beautiful lush valleys and quaint villages of the world. Needless to say, we know where the friendliest natives are and what the proper ways of interacting with them are.

We know that the world of Himalaya is vast. It keeps on unfolding. That’s why we keep on improvising our skills and talents as we learn from every trip we make with our clients. We take down notes. We listen to our clients’ suggestions and expectations. We implement innovative and creative ideas. As we ascend, we are very much careful about the changes in climate that your body needs to get acclimatized. And we design our itineraries accordingly. We do not compromise in our services. We do not lengthen or shorten the trip to make it cheaper. We believe in quality of experience and service. We want you to make best of the time you spend here. We are here to help you to make your stay hassle free. We understand that you are spending precious time of your life. You want to make best of it. We love to present ourselves as fellow travellers with you. We love to maintain life long relationship with our clients. Your stay in Nepal and the trip you made us went so well that you started telling about it to your friends and colleagues. And you keep on travelling with us. This is what we really want.

Guaranteed Price and Value for Money:

Price for a single trekking route can vary from one travel agency to another. You should not worry about this. This is common as much depends upon the modality of services provided to you. You can look for sophisticated form of services and pay accordingly. For example, staying at five or three star hotel will definitely cost higher. You book for moderate services and pay accordingly. Tourists staying at local lodges and tents pay moderate price. Much also depends upon the trails you want to march through. Easier the routes, the moderate will be the price. Based on your time, budget and mood, and of course the location that you want to march through, we develop our tour packages and charge the price. Provided that you share with us your interests, time and budget frankly, we invent mode of services that will be perfect for you. But not matter how many days you spend with us, no matter how remote and wild and the places you choose to travel, no matter whether you want to travel alone or in a group we don’t over charge. We charge exact. We are not nasty profit makers. Our clients regard the price we charge for our services very reasonable. We are in this field for the last two decades. We perform responsible tourism. You can call us moderate. We deal our clients at human level. We regard them not as mere customers but fellow travellers. We try our best to provide them satisfactory services so that they become life long fellow travellers and explorers. We combine our profession with humanity. We need each other. We recognize your expectations and hope that you recognize our services. Price is always negotiable.

Our staffs

Our staffs are experiences. They are skilled and friendly professionals. Since they have been into the world of Nepali tourism for decades, they hold technical proficiency, and practice proven safety records. They are very much careful about judging things and also hold rich sense of patience. They hold rich stock of information about local climate and culture of the route you will be travelling. Therefore, they become very supportive to tourists. They hold charming personalities. Needless to say, they are the best in the domain of mountaineering, trekking, & cultural guides in Nepal. They practice their professionalism in such a way that you vacation remains as beautifully memorable event in your life. They hold rich and interesting facts about the Himalayas, their cultures, history and religion. Above all, our guides are trained by the Nepal Mountaineering Association, the Ministry of Tourism and at the High Altitude Medical Training Center. Thus they hold not only license but also knowledge about high altitude and find out easy ways of getting acclimatized. Thus they can take care of their clients in a very friendly manner. They also carry with them some necessary medicines and can assist you with basic first aid treatment.

Responsible Tourism

Unique Path offers 10% of its net profits to support reforestation and educational programs at local levels. This has made us maintain direct contact with locals, their language, cultures and problems. This relationship has also directly helped us to preserve the natural beauty of the countryside. On top of that we run workshops and training programs to train our crews and professionals about how to maintain healthy relationship between adventure tourism and local culture and nature. We try our best to protect environment, minimize pollution, respect local traditions, religion, heritage, and provide maximum benefit to locals. We are very much careful while running such wild adventure. Thus we are committed for responsible tourism. Unique Path’s policies comply with policies that are social, environmental and cultural friendly. We believe that minimum impact trekking/touring is the best way of preserving the beautiful and fragile places we visit.


We hire Cooks and Safes who professionalise in preparing dishes for the trekkers and travellers. They hold license as well as rich stock knowledge about preparing foods to suite the personal need of our clients. They specialize in cooking and serving a wide variety of hygienic cuisines such as Chinese, European/American, Nepali, Indian and Tibetan. They hold knowledge and skills of fusing locally grown up organic foods with the imported ones. We should request you here that those who are on some special diets, including vegetarian must inform us in advance. This will help our Cooks and Chefs prepare foods accordingly. When they are at remote locations, they know how to fuse locally available foods and create one that suits you the best. Needless to say, our Cooks and Chefs pay extra attention to all health concerns including water purity, nutrition and prevention of altitude sickness. They give foremost consideration to your health and comfort.


At Unique Path, we take pride in the fact that every single porter and guide employed by us is not only well paid but also protected by a life insurance policy. They are provided with warm clothing and proper shelter on all high altitude treks. All our treks have been designed to stimulate village economics as we give priority to locally available services. We use local manpower. We take locally produced foods and vegetable. We give priority to the lodges run by locals. We ensure that all our staff is well-paid, insured and properly equipped. We are aware of the fact that our crews walk through world’s most challenging route. Such financial and technical facilities help them perform better during the trip. For details, you can visit or look at the Certificate from the insurance company in Nepal. We know the working in the mountains is a risky business. We never take things for granted with our respected guests and also our crew. This is the reason why our guides and porters are paid and compulsorily protected by a life insurance policy. We take every care of them by providing warm clothes, efficient gadgets and other amenities.

We have also run a fund that will be used to provide financial support for the retiring professionals. We have done this to guarantee financial security to our professional crews. This has made them happy and motivated them to perform better in the field.


Adventure tourism in Nepali mountains and rivers cannot be accomplished without support from strong and user-friendly gadgets. Keeping this in our mind, we offer trekking gadgets that are highly efficient to provide safety to you during your tip. For this, we offer you roomy tents. The sleeping bags, jackets and mattress we provide to you are scientifically designed to keep you warm and comfortable in the wild mountains of Nepal. Our trekking gears are lightweight and user friendly, designed especially for trekkers in this part of the world. Moreover, our crews and staffs hold rich store of knowledge about using such gadgets properly.


With us you can get accommodation at places ranging from paying guesthouse to the five Star Hotel. But in every case, we wish to make your stay as much comfortable and memorable as possible. As you set out for your adventure we arrange goods and modern accommodations to meet your moods and budget. We have association with networks of Nepali hotels and restaurants. We know the location of best hotels and restaurant that suit your taste and interest.


With us, you can book air conditioned or non- air conditioned car, bus, van, jeep, land cruiser and coaster according to your desire and requirements at reasonable price at any time.

Our Commitments:

We take pleasure in guiding our clients through one of the most beautiful and challenging trails in the Himalayas!!!

We take every thing our clients expect into consideration since we believe your satisfaction is the goal that we love to achieve!!

We want to share the skills and professionalism we have earned during this almost two decades with you!!

We are so happy that our clients return home with exciting tales to share with their family and friends!!

As a member of the Nepal Trekking Agents Association, Himalayan Rescue Association, and Nepal Mountaineering Association of Nepal, we are committed to provide best possible service to insure a long relationship with our clients. We make our clients’ holiday memorable and pleasant.

Decades of experience have taught us that tourists hold very strong sense of time and value of money. With this in our mind, we provide services to tourists. Tourists have always found us committed to our service. That’s why they have always recommended their friends to visit us. Indeed, your satisfaction is our achievement!  We always do our best to make your visit as memorable as possible and our hope is that all of our clients will leave Nepal with grand tales to share with their family and friends at home and will want to return again and again to their new friends in the Himalaya. Believe us, we are known for our commitments. Once we say we remain committed.

We heartily welcome all of you. We make your holidays successful and beautifully memorable